The Founder.


After a crazy fucking day/week, always unwind with a movie. This was actually my bro’s suggestion for once. He didn’t wanna see Rings lmao. So, sadly, the Flixster app fucked us over. It said the movie was playing at Arclight Hollywood at 9:30pm. We pull up to find it wasn’t updated, and we had to wait until 10:05pm. I know, not that big of a difference usually, but we all had work in the AM. My poor bro and his roommates had been drinking all day for the Super Bowl, so my bro was beat. I think he was forced to say yes due to peer pressure. So sorry bro.

It was worth it though! What really got me was when we were buying our unnecessarily overpriced popcorn, the cashier said he fucking loved The Founder, and saw it 4x. What in the actual fuck lmao. That’s a lot of times, especially for a 2 hour movie. That sold me. Not that the 85% ratings didn’t. Stemming from our movie high of Jackie last week, this was another movie about real life shit. This told the story of how McDonalds came to be. I would say it was more like a documentary, with actors. Always d to get educated.

IMDB plot: The story of Ray Kroc, a salesman who turned two brothers’ innovative fast food eatery, McDonald’s, into one of the biggest restaurant businesses in the world with a combination of ambition, persistence, and ruthlessness.

Okay, they call it a biography. This film is honestly inspiring for any businessman, especially in the food industry. Ray Kroc is played by Michael Keaton, the star of Birdman Batman, Spotlight, the list goes on. He kills it. They picked the perfect actor for this role. I can’t talk about this movie without giving away the story, but it’s definitely worth a watch. What’s the life lesson here? Persistence. Persistence is the key to success. Unfortunately, this may mean hurting others along the way. Including your loved ones.

It’s so crazy to see this is what went down behind America’s trademark fast food chain. You’d be surprised how much of the story is never revealed, unless you go out and seek it. After the movie, it made us think about all the other huge corporations out there. We started talking about the new Netflix building downtown, which lead how Netflix started as DVDs in the mail, to Blockbuster, and how that went bankrupt. That shit was poppin’ man.

I hate how money rules everything in this world. I have such a soft spot for companies who get bought out or fall under. This might be the server in me, as I’ve worked for many small restaurants that are no longer. But anyways. This movie is great. They did a fantastic job of telling the story.

If you saw my social media posts, you saw I met Big Sean and cried. I actually had one of the most rough nights last night, and I had teared up to “The Light” on my way to Weho. After stopping by Medmen, I pull up to Big Sean’s pop-up shop. I had 0 intention of buying anything, I just wanted to scope it out. After hustling the line, Big Sean literally walks in a minute after me. It’s crazy how the universe works.

Watched half the Super Bowl at my homie’s crib, who had a taco truck cater. He’s so fucking lit. I saw him tweet earlier in the week that they spent $500 on Costco, apart from the taco truck. Man, greatest hosts award. He lives with roommates in a huge house with a hot tub and pool. There were many dogs in attendance. So much yes.

Finished the game at my bro’s in Lil Tokyo. I love him so much. We couldn’t believe the Patriots won. First OT in NFL history during the Super Bowl. Nuts. Next, I promised the homegirl that I’d check out her artist at The Echoplex at 8:15pm. So I did that. Shout out to Go Dreamer. This dude was the definition of psychedelic rap.

Then went back to pick them up for the movie. 24 hours in a day. Use that shit wisely. ❤


TRACK OF THE DAY: Shazam-ed this on my way home tn. Feels.



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