The Lego Batman Movie.


Danananananana. BATMAN! The Lego Batman Movie!! Advanced screening. The homie texted my line on Thursday and asked if I was down Saturday morning. I was like… fuck yes lmao. He the real plug. We had to be at Regal LA Live at 10:30am SHARP. NO excuses lmao. I brought my soulmate <3.

It was a struggle bus, I got like 4 hours of sleep. But hey. I fucking loved the last Lego Movie so I knew this was gonna be epic. We had to wait in line until the movie started at 11:15am, but it was worth every second. This event was actually hosted by 93.5 KDAY. They were giving out free tote bags for the kids who were A students. All we had so far were the free posters, and you know I’m about the free shit. I went down to ask for one and she asked if I had a kid. I said yes. She then asked if he was an A student. I said YES. Lmao. Dead.

We were in a theater full of kids. I fucking loved it lmao. Minus the fact I realized I need to stop cursing out loud when kids are around. Saw a bunch of familiar faces too. Guys, this movie iss fucking epic. It was honestly so adorable, creative, just everything was great. If you saw the last Lego Movie, you understand. This was the BATMAN version. It was so funny. I feel like they pay attention to every single detail, down to the limbs of these Lego characters. I love it.

IMDB plot: Bruce Wayne must not only deal with the criminals of Gotham City, but also the responsibility of raising a boy he adopted.

This movie is almost 2 hours. I wondered if it was made of adults or kids, cause I feel like it was mostly adult jokes lmao. I honestly almost fell asleep towards the end. So tired haha. But the movie is pretty epic. There was some endearing life lessons at the end too. It made you appreciate your family or makeshift family. ❤

I’m tired but have so much to do. I just want to nap. Fml. Bye.


TRACK OF THE DAY: New Jeremih <3.


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