A Dog’s Purpose.

Film Title: A Dog's Purpose

A Dog’s Purpose. I had to see this. Literally haha. I don’t have a dog but I know for a fact it’s the missing piece in my life. Shout out to my real ones who rolled tn. It was 8 dollar Tuesdays at Regal LA Live, we had to. The 7:45pm was fucking packed, like literally packed. We would have had to sit in the front row, but my homeboy hustled us seats 5 rows back. I love him <3.

So, there was (unfortunately) a ton of controversy over this film. They said it was animal abuse having the dogs “act.” But idk. People are crazy… you know? It was a super innocent, positive, family-friendly flick to me. Warning: it’s rated PG, and it certainly is PG lmao. Very cheesy at parts but hey, it’s meant to be kids friendly. There were literally so many kids in our theater lmao. So many families.

IMDB plot: A dog looks to discover his purpose in life over the course of several lifetimes and owners.

I feel like I saw this movie on every billboard in LA lmao. It shows life through the eyes and perspective of the dog, with a voice that narrates the dog’s thoughts. The dog then gets reincarnated a bunch of times. That part tripped me out. I was legit confused when they first switched dogs.

The film is a solid 2 hours, a little long for a PG movie to me. But honestly, if you have a dog, this might be worth seeing. It’s so cute and made me want a pup so fucking bad. Oh- it reminded me of Air Bud so bad! That was my shit fr. I owned those videos. I think I’m low key (high key) obsessed with golden retrievers. Need.

Had class today and a waste of a doctor’s appt. I need a new psychiatrist in DTLA so bad. Help. Life. Help. Meep.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Finally heard Migos’ CULTURE album lmao. Shit’s lit.


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