I was literally so fucking excited to see this was playing at Landmark on Pico. Jackie at 7:15pm. It left theaters around the time of my bday- I checked. We hella wanted to see it. It got incredible ratings and Natalie Portman is literally bae. This won a bunch of Oscar nominations too, which is why my bro thinks it came back in theaters.

IMDB plot: Following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy fights through grief and trauma to regain her faith, console her children, and define her husband’s historic legacy.

This was actually perfect because we tried to hit up a bunch of museums today for Free Museum Day in LA, but miserably failed. I REALLY wanted to hit up Museum Of Tolerance, but when we pulled up, the line was like wrapped around the building and onto the streets lmao. We were like oh helllll noooo. That lead us to the La Brea Tar Pits which was actually super lit lmao. We just frolicked the park, which was free.

Anyways, this movie was a fucking trip. Literally. Natalie Portman kills her role so hard. It reminded me of Black Swan. The story of Jackie Kennedy and how she was literally right next to her husband when he was assassinated is truly baffling. The movie recounts the whole scenario, including real footage from the ’60s throughout the movie. My bro loved that lmao.

It also portrays how Jackie had to deal after the fact. A lot of it is her speaking to a reporter/writer and going into depth on her feelings, and then following it up with, “You know you can’t publish that.” As a writer/reporter, I thought that was intense lmao. It’s almost like you have this top secret news story, but you can’t share it with anyone.

The movie’s short, only an hour and 35 min. The theater was packed. I was next to an older woman who’s phone kept going off. I was like yo, put that shit on silent. Like it seemed like an emergency how many times her phone started vibrating. But anyways. I can’t talk cause I be whispering to my bro all movie haha. I had SO many questions and comments.

We freaked the fuck out because a good amount of the film takes place in the White House, which is where Donald Trump will be residing!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!! That killed me lmao. Also, the entire movie, Jackie was calling John, Jack. Had no idea that was a nickname for John lmao. Oh, and my bros paid $14 for their beers. S M H lmao.

Literally got a foot massage at Happy Relax across the street right before. This used to be our spot omg. I miss this area so much! It’s like borderline Culver City/Westwood/Mid-City… idk. I just miss it lmao. The massage was dank af too. I was sad because they no longer have stamp cards. I used to live for the buy 10, get 1 free deal lmao.

Fuck me. Tomorrow’s Monday. I got midterms soon. Nooooooooo.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Throwing it way back. This song gives me life. Saw these amazing palm trees ar the tar bits… “Palm trees we use them for the shade.”


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