Live By Night.

live by night.jpg

Shout out to my girl! She was the plug tonight. I got to attend the employee screening of Live By Night at Warner Bro. Studios in Burbank. So dope. The studio lot is so dope. Last time she brought me to a Magic Mike screening (the second one), and we were literally drooling over Channing Tatum lmao. I just love movies, especially when they’re free and I get to see them before the rest of the world. K that sounded like I’m bragging. I’m not I promise.

This movie stars Ben Affleck, another GOAT. I honestly couldn’t get over how beautiful the picture (of the movie) was. I hope this wins some awards. The screening started at 6:45. although I was told 6:30. Thank god because traffic was a bitch. I literally had so much anxiety on my way over. The one con of living downtown. Anyways. The film comes out officially tomorrow, but it looks like people are hyped to see it. I’m excited to see the ratings. I think it’s gonna be up there.

Rotten Tomatoes plot: Ben Affleck writes, produces, and stars in this adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s sprawling crime novel centering on the prodigal son of a prominent police chief, and his gradual descent into the criminal underworld.

First of all, Ben does it all. And he’s such a good actor. This was a pretty serious role, full of gunshots. I legit freak out when I think about how nonchalant murder is viewed in movies. Like, it’s nothing. The beginning scenes set the tone for the rest of the movie, taking place at an elegant speakeasy party. It was lit. Omg. Zoe Saldana is bae. She’s so beautiful. I had no idea she was going to be in this. That was a nice surprise. Also Miguel with the cameo! I love it.

The movie is a little over 2 hours. Not going to lie, I was a little scatterbrained at first, and had a hard time keeping up. It’s one of those movies you have to pay attention to follow the story. As you can tell, the plot doesn’t tell you much. I actually got super into it as it went on. By the last hour, my eyes were glued. Ben pretty plays this good guy/bad guy role in the prohibition days. I think that’s what they’re called? Idk.

It’s definitely a really well-made film. And I think it’s the dopest movie out of all of them being released this weekend. There’s action, love, religion… it’s pretty interesting.

Yo, my life is fucking nuts rn. I’m doing the most. Stress is back at an all-time high. Gonna take over the world. Bye.




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