Hidden Figures.


Hidden Figures. NOT Hidden Fences, although that shit was honestly hilarious to me. If you guys live under a rock, this white correspondent at The Golden Globes was interviewing Pharrell, who produced Hidden Figures, and completely butchered the movie title. Fences is another black movie starring Denzel Washington, which was really great also. The riot was that Hollywood treats all black movies the same. Smh. It definitely got blown up. We all make mistakes. Especially me working in media, like I so would have done that by accident.

But anyways. That whole fiasco just made me want to see the film more. Guys, we came up tonight. Regal L.A. Live has 8 dollar tickets on Tuesdays, half off the original price. I was ecstatic. Literally. Lmao. It made me feel better about the 7 dollar fucking parking lot fee. We hit the 7pm showing. I loved it tonight. Since it’s half off, you get to sit anywhere. No assigned seats. So chill. That’s how it should be.

We fucking loved this movie. It was really good guys. It’s based on a true story too which makes it SO much better. I first heard of it when Pharrell tweeted himself at NASA with the caption “Hidden Figures.” Then I find out he produced this movie. Yasssss. Pharrell is GOAT. HIs music was playing all throughout the movie. We loved that.

Per IMDB: A team of African-American women provide NASA with important mathematical data needed to launch the program’s first successful space missions.

The film basically sheds light on these really smart, important African American women that worked for NASA, who had to deal with the hardships of racism and feminism. It stars Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monáe, who all were spectacular. Taraji is from Empire. Seeing her play a mathematician was so awesome. It just proves how talented she is as an actress. Literally in the opening scene, you see her dramatically running in heels to the colored women’s restroom on the other campus, with a stack of papers in hand. It was cute, and set the tone for the rest of the film. The fact that she had to trek to the other building just to use the bathroom though…

My one homegirl always has to sit at the end of the row because she always has to pee. I was laughing because Taraji’s name in the movie was her name (Hi Kat<3). Me and my other girl were dying over Janelle. She’s bae. Did you guys see her at The Globes? Hot damn. Octavia Spencer is just so powerful, in any movie she’s in. I loved it at the end of the movie when they showed the pictures of the actual ladies, and compared them to the actresses. It must be such a process to cast these roles man.

The movie is 2 hours and 7 minutes long. It’s not long at all. There literally wasn’t a dull moment for you to be like… “I wonder how much time was left.” Those are the winners. This is so worth watching guys. I got chills during the credits. You know we had to clap.

Btw, Jenna Bush Hager is probably famous af now for that one fuck up. Social media is a crazy thing guys. I hate it, but I love it. At the same damn time.

Today was a fucking mess man. I lost my car key and had anxiety for like ten hours. No lie. I had to Uber to my first day of class at USC. I hate paying for Uber!! I’ll pay for movie tickets but I just feel like paying for Uber is not worth how little I make. I need to get over myself haha. Class was hard too. I hadn’t read and it’s literally a tiny group sitting around a table. Not looking forward to 3 hour lectures man 😦 I’m already behind on readings.

What else. I went on a run after the movie and 7 minutes in, it started pouring. It was such a joke. I was literally soaking from head to toe, like I just took a shower. SOS.


TRACK OF THE DAY: I really like this song lmao.


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