Edge of Seventeen.


So me and my girl had this movie night planned for weeks. I was looking forward to it. She actually told me we had to see this togeth. Soulmate knows. Edge of Seventeen at The Grove at 8:10pm. It’s an indie film so it doesn’t play at all mainstream movie theaters. I love indie films.

My other movie buddy said he absolutely loved it. He’s in love with Hailee Steinfeld, the main chick. So that prob helped. I’ve never heard of her but def thought she was amazing in this. I thought her best fran was gorgeous too. Man, these girls are supposed to be 17, I def was not poppin at that age lmao.

Leave it to IMDB to keep it as simple as possible:  High-school life gets even more unbearable for Nadine when her best friend, Krista, starts dating her older brother.

Really tho, all the other plots were super long. This is def my kinda movie. I fucking love chick flicks. There was a scene where homegirl’s mom leaves the house and Hailee and her best friend get trashed at the crib. Def reminded me of high school tough with my best fran. Smh. We were reckless. It was the vodka in waterbottle days…. *cringe*

I really fucking enjoyed this movie. We both did. It’s about an hour 45 minutes, totally did not bored once. Bless up. There was this super awkward Asian guy in the film too haha. I hated him at first but learned to love him. If you were reckless in high school, this brings back the feels for sure. Recommend it!

Omg The Grove was so beautiful. The minute I walked out of the parking structure, I was smiling ear to ear. All the Christmas decorations are up, and it’s not even fucking December. HERE FOR IT. I’m sad I don’t live as close anymore, but so worth the 25 minute drive. The Grove is my happy place.

My girl was wondering if there was gonna be fake snow and I called it would happen at 8pm. You know I came here with my bros last year haha. Had to get that fake snow in LA in. The Christmas tree is fucking huge btw. It made me wonder where they got it from lmao. You had to literally back up to snap it.

My day was tiring. I needed tonight. What is life? Serious question.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Shazam-ed this in the movie lmao.


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