Yo. This is gonna be short cause I’m beat haha. From fucking nothing. I swear, today might have been the most unproductive day of 2016. And it’s okay cause it’s Thanksgiving, but I don’t like it. No days off is my motto. I really feel like I wasted it tho. First day I could sleep in and took way too many sleeping pills. Useless.

Okay so last night me and my bro bro saw Arrival. Moonlight was literally 10x better haha. I’m pretty sure my bro agreed too. Idk. Shout out to my girl who highly recommended I go. Now I’ma do the same and say you all should go see it. I’m pretty sure it’s an indie film so it’s only at select theaters. But it was honestly breath taking. Beautifully made and such a great story.

Per IMDB: A timeless story of human connection and self-discovery, Moonlight chronicles the life of a young black man from childhood to adulthood as he struggles to find his place in the world while growing up in a rough neighborhood of Miami.

People are calling it movie of the year. And I can see why. It details 3 chapters of a young man’s life, and his struggle with his sexuality. It was explicit, but in the best way for the story. It was honestly really touching. I enjoyed it a lot.

We hit the 4:05pm showing at Santana Row. This theater is amazing. First of all, there’s kettle corn, and it’s so dank. You can mix it with the butter. Second, free parking. Third, the movie ticket was like 11 bucks. I fucking love the bay. Begged my bro to go to Valley Fair down the street after since it was open from 6pm-12am and he said hell no. Smdh lmao.

The movie is a little less than two hours but we weren’t bored for one second. Those are the movies I love lmao. I cannot when it’s slow. Please go see this before it leaves theaters! Would love to discuss it with anyone <3.

Happy Thanksgiving. Muah.


TRACK OF THE DAY: My current turn up track even though I’m literally turnt the fuck down.


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