Kevin Hart: What Now?


If you guys know me, you know I love Kevin Hart. He’s prob my favorite comedian, with Hannibal Buress a close runner-up. Not gonna lie I was low key sad I didn’t get the invite to the screening in Hollywood but CAN’T WIN EM ALL lmao. Anyways.

Shout out to Kevin Hart who just got a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Like… that’s so lit. He deserves that one hunnid. He worked his ass off to where he is now. I’m a huge fan. I’ll literally die at his facial expressions.

Plot:ย Comic Kevin Hart performs his stand-up routine in front of 50,000 people at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

I def walked into this thinking it was gonna be a movie, like some Ride Along with Ice Cube type shit. Wrong. It’s def a comedy stand-up special. It was filmed at the last stop on his What Now? tour at this huge stadium in Philly. I literally got FOMO watching it ha. I was like damn, I woulda loved to be there. It looked so lit.

This movie had me crying. Shout out to my girl for sacrificing sleep to watch this with me. We hit the 9:35pm showing at Regal LA Live downtown. First of all, this theater is fucking nice. Like the moment you walk in you’re like wow. What a beautiful chandelier haha.

We were definitely late af. Confession. We were late bc we were looking for a dispensary to pick up lmao. We literally had no time to spare so my girl Yelped the first one, which lead us to the middle of nowhere. In reality, it lead us to frats by USC but still. It turns out it was a delivery service. Fail af.

At this point, we’re already late and didn’t any more setbacks. Next thing you know, there are police lights and sirens going off behind me. In all honesty, I didn’t even flinch. I was more annoyed I was late for the movie.

When the cop walked up, I immediately noticed he was an older Asian male. I was like, I got this lmao. I literally kissed his ass. I honestly didn’t know what was wrong, but I guess I wasn’t allowed to make a left onto Olympic from Figeroa. I lied and said I make that turn every day (more like every week) and I asked why it wasn’t allowed today.

At this point I feel like I have him. He asked how I missed all the cones and I literally just shrugged. Thank the Lord above he didn’t run my license, he was seriously about to go back to his car. What he doesn’t know is I spent 2.5 hours in court this morning at 8am in Santa Monica fighting a red light ticket. IT GOT DISMISSED THOUGH. I almost cried.

Anyways. He asked a couple times if I drank and I kept repeating I was sober. He gave me a test and had me follow his pencil… and then let me go. I was actually surprised. I never get let go haha. If he wrote me a ticket, I honestly don’t know what I would have done. Besides be a complete bitch.

Anyways, Kevin Hart movie. Amazing. Go see it. It had me crying. I loved it.

We were in the area bc we just hit this Rise of the Jack O’Lanterns event. It was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, which is fucking huge. I fucking loved it. I thought it was so dope. It was just a display of carved out pumpkins, of like sports, movies, cartoons, faces, everything. I legit thought it was sick.

It’s only like 10 bucks with the promo code, open 10/13-10/16, aka this weekend. Go!!! Here’s the link:

This month is fucking nuts. Let’s go.


TRACK OF THE DAY: That new new.



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