Wow, I’m kind of in shock rn now haha. I just saw a private screening of the movie Kicks, which stars CJ Wallace, Biggie’s son. That’s reason enough to watch it right? It gets even better, it’s based in the bay. I’m talking, hella throwbacks in the film, including Mac Dre. But anyways, the reason I’m in shock is because I loved the film, and I just came across this review that ripped it a new one. SMH.

Here’s the plot: A 15-year-old (Jahking Guillory) recruits his two best friends (Christopher Meyer, Christopher Jordan Wallace) to help him retrieve his stolen Air Jordan sneakers from a neighborhood thug (Kofi Siriboe).

Actually, the review was just addressing how depressing the overall film was. Which is kinda true now that I think about it. It took place in Richmond, CA, and really highlighted life on the streets. And guns. Lots of guns. Smh. I hate guns guys.

Shout out to my hg for meeting me in Hollywood. It was at Estrella Ma’s Theatre, a private movie theater with bomb couches in the back of a restaurant. There was literally maybe 10 of us, super intimate. And they provided free popcorn and soda. Super lit. I love couch theaters haha.

The movie hits Arclight theaters tomorrow, indie film status haha. IMO, those are the way to go. Mainstream is overrated. But then it hits all theaters September 16. Confused haha. It’s short, 87 minutes. I asked before because I was anxious lmao. But yeah. CJ wasn’t the main star, but definitely think he’s trying to pursue acting. DX got him on the red carpet at another screening at Arclight in Culver City, and I was just TRIPPING off how much he looked like Biggie the entire time. Straight up haha a mini Biggie. RIP.

Anyways, let me know if anyone goes and sees it haha I’m curious about what y’ll think.

So I must say, I’m kinda proud of myself lmao. After being out til 2am last night, I was really concerned about making it through everything today. But I did. PS, I have the biggest fucking crush on DJ Esco man. His show last night was worth the hell getting up this morning. Except when I was nodding off in class and driving to class. Shit’s so weak when you’re that tired.

Ready? Class at 8am, got Starbucks (the bitch forgot my white mocha sauce :(), did some work, court at 1:30pm, Guillermo del Toro exhibit at LACMA, yoga, then this screening. Theme of the day: productive.

I gotta take this moment to share how much court blew. Like legit that shit was so weak. I signed up for an arraignment for a red light ticket, which I DID NOT RUN. It was two hours of bullshit honestly. The Beverly Hills judge kept cracking jokes and it was beyond obnoxious. Like bitch, stfu and let us go.

At the end, I just ended up with another fucking court date. This time at 8:30 am in Santa Monica. Smh man. Smh.


The exhibit was lit. But look how fucking creepy this piece is lmao. I gotta start taking pics off Snapchat, apologies for the caption haha. It’s $25 but worth it. Also, be sure you find street parking, cause they charge $14 for the lot, no matter how long you stay. It’s there until Nov. Go go go.

I got shit to do but love y’ll.




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