Suicide Squad.


Yo, Suicide Squad was beyond lit. I seriously fucking loved it, so much that I clapped at the end lmao like a basic bitch. The crazy thing is, so many people were talking shit about it. Not talked shit, but like weren’t pleased. I’m just like bruh, quit being so critical haha. It was legit dope af.

They said it was all over the place, which is true. The story was a bit confusing, and me and my bro walked in 10 min late, but you know what, get over it haha. From a film standpoint, people were hating. But the movie was so good. It was action and drama the entire time. The cast was dumb lit and Margot Robbie KILLED it as Harley Quinn. My spirit animal. I literally loved everything she said haha. Like I lol-ed at this one part when the theater was silent haha.

Will Smith was raw too. And Jared Leto as The Joker. Holy shiiiii. So bomb. Overall just really fire. I highly recommend going if you haven’t already. This hype for this movie was insane, as it should be. The plot doesn’t really matter but here you go:

A secret government agency recruits a group of imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions in exchange for clemency, which inevitably leads to chaos.

I don’t wanna give anything away, just go see it haha. The soundtrack is amazing too. Shoutout to Kehlani’s new track on it. They literally dropped that during the PERFECT scene in the movie. Shoutout to the throwback Eminem they threw in there too.

Yo, I cried. Lmao. There were some emotional moments and I cried. Going through some shit rn and it really got to me. My bro was like you okay? I also was hella tired in the movie.  Started nodding out halfway through smh. It’s a little over 2 hours, but amazing throughout.

We hit the 4:10pm showing at The Grove. I had some old Nike shorts I never worn so I let my bro have the store credit. Pretty sure I got them from Lady Foot Locker LMAO. But damn we spent so much time getting my bro new running shoes and he just hit me he wants these others one. S M H. It was literally the reason we were late to the movie.

I had hella heads wanting to see it this weekend, but I wanted to go to yoga later so we just went. I needed yoga tn guys. I had a really rough day. So much anxiety. A dentist appointment from hell. I need another root canal 😦 No chill. Also idk what happened last night but I think I took too many sleeping pills cause I was fucked up this morning. I legit should not drive when I’m that tired. Ahhhhh. Reminded me of my internship days, shutting my eyes at red lights. So dangerous.

Anyways. The weekends go by way too fast. Just got a foot massage with my girl at Joy Foot Spa. Seriously needed and would choose that over a turn up ANY DAY.

Guess what guys, I’m not afraid of ants anymore lmao. They all over my room and I can kill them with my bare hands now. I used to be scared of them af haha. #adulting. But yo. These ants are killing my vibe so hard.

Came home and my roomie loved the movie also. She goes “how many people are gonna be Harley Quinn for Halloween this year.” SO TRU. Speaking of TRUUUUU, 2 Chainz mixtape is fire. Go hear that ish.


TRACK OF THE DAY: My girl tweeted this earlier. Feels.


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