Cousin Stizz.

IMG_1959Yoooooo. So my hg put me on Cousin Stizz a minute ago. I fucked with him. He recently dropped his MONDA mixtape, which I ran to on Monday. It’s dope. The kid can spit. He’s from Boston. So funny bc earlier my homie was in my room and I was bumping his music, and he goes “Is this Cousin Stizz?!” I was like yeah bro how do you know him haha (he’s white). Jk. But he’s from Boston, so that’s how. It was a moment though. I love when underground rappers get recognized. My hg brought upthey prob play him on the radios back in Boston. Good point.

So I knew about this show a minute ago. Got on the list shout out to Goldenvoice. Of course, brought my girl. She said she was about to go alone. I was like stfu haha I gotchu. Also was excited bc Jerreau was opening (pic above) and my homie literally had just hit me about him. He used to part of Fly Union. Super smooth. I fucks with him.

Got my boss to ask when he’s on tn cause he knows him lmao. It was at The Roxy on Sunset, where I go way too much ahha. I like joking with the security guards there but they were busting hella people tn haha like they were sweating. So unnecessary haha. Let people smoke y’ll.

We pulled up around 10pm and the curtains were down. It was so random to me cause I feel like I’ve never seen the curtains down haha they were nice though. The set times were off af but what do you expect at a rap show. When Jerreau finally hit the stage I was really stoked for him. He had an ok turnout, but Cousin Stizz stole the show.

IMG_1967Here he is. Homeboy from Boston. He goes in guys. So hard he lost his voice by the end of the night haha. I’m like damn, how you gonna keep performing. Like that’s awkward right? Esp if you on tour haha. He was in Oakland last night. He def has a fanbase out here. Like fr. I was watching this kid in the back recite all the words. Made me happy haha.

Ran into a lotta people tn. I love the Roxy bc you literally see everyone. We had VIP so we were just posted. Stizz closed out with No Explanation which I love. It felt sooooo good to not drive tn haha so sick of driving. I did switch out the ghetto dinky fiat for a Lexus hatchback today though ahha at Enterprise. Man. Idk why it took so long for me to do it. I think I was just lazy haha.

Fuck. I love the Lexus lmao. Makes me want one in real life but fuck that. I cannot have a Lexus with my driving and plus I super don’t deserve one. Life hack though, if you lease a car, shit is mad affordable. You can be fake flossing haha. Jk.

Ummmm today was long. But every day is long. I had a lot of phone calls and…. decided to take a LOA from school. FML. I’m freaking out. But with the timing of everything, I think it’s for the best. Will I go back to school? Who knows. Who fucking knows. Ask God. Please ask God haha cause I wanna know too.

I snuck into LA fitness today haha and listened to Lil Uzi’s new mixtape. I love Uzi. Wow my life is literally all hip hop haha. I remember being in Europe thinking, wow wtf would I be doing if I was born in this country? Where hip hop isn’t really poppin like that. Like what would I like lmao. Deep.

Random thought. My med card expires this week and I’m like, should I renew? I don’t even be smoking like that no more. I literally have it to hook up my homies I feel. Renewing just sounds like another thing on my to-do list I do not have time for haha. Anyways.

I feel like I haad more to say but I can’t rem. Ummm I miss my brother lmao. He won’t hang out with me. I recently realized I’m 100% done with a homie I used to call fam. I realize how fucking done I am with him. If you’re sus in ANY WAY, don’t come around me yo. Esp if I give you the label of being fam. That’s delicate.

My fav line ever: You can miss me with that bullshit.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Lemme put you on real quick.


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