The Land.


Wow. Just wow. This movie was dope af. The Land executive produced by Nas, aka GOAT, aka daddy, aka he walked right by me and my girl and I had a moment lmao. This was the premiere of the film at The Theater at Ace Hotel in downtown LA. Such a fucking sick venue. It’s so beautiful up in there. It was my girl’s first time and she loved it.

Peep the trailer:

So, it features Erykah Badu (who also helped produce it) and Machine Gun Kelly, but it’s such a tease lmao. MGK literally has like maybe a minute in the film haha. BUT, it takes place in his hometown of Cleveland. And I didn’t really realize Erykah was in it until after the movie. Her role is nuts. She plays a dope addict.

I loved this movie too much. Seriously Indie films are way better than mainstream. I would love to see this in theaters. It’s about a group of teenage skateboards pursuing their dream, but end up having to hustle to get there. It really sheds light on the streets of Cleveland which I thought was mad dope. Life gets real in this movie for sure.

The cast was super lit and most were there to speak after the movie. We had seats in the very back row and we legit got up to get closer ha. We would. No one cared though. Everyone in the movie was dope. It was super emotional and I got chills a couple times throughout. Nas kills it. Just the business aspect of it haha like… he prob just hired a bunch of people to do the nitty gritty work. Solid move though.

Besides that, the soundtrack to this film is FIRE. Like every track is fire. I posted a ton of them so I got to slowly hear it each day, which was lit haha. I really liked it though. I’m on a high as you can tell.

Work got me all types of fucked up. Life and the unknown future got me in my feelings. But there’s nothing I can do but keep my head up high and stay up. Got so much to do so I’ma get off but, yeah. Life.

I love Lil Yachty. Bye.


TRACK OF THE DAY: One of the tracks off the soundtrack. So dope. “Life is a test.”


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