Chuck Inglish.


Yo, the best part of the show was the Asian girl DJ in the back. Do you guys see her?! Lmao. Why was I so obsessed. She was seriously dope. I wanna DJ so bad. Le sigh haha. I seriously think I would love it.

Anywho. Chuck Inglish at The Roxy. So many funny moments tn haha shoutout to my girl who came with me. I had a plus one. I posted this artist who was opening and definitely missed his set 😦 he was on so early haha. We pulled up a little after 9:30pm. Shoutout to ymtk for getting me on the list though.

But……. DAMN. This show completely flopped haha I felt so bad. I mean, Chuck’s been in the game for a minute. He’s one half of The Cool Kids. I really hoped he would bring out Sir Michael Rocks haha (the other half). He’s so raw. But I knew there was a 0.1% chance. There was word that The Cool Kids were reuniting. Who knows if that’s actually gonna happen haha.

Anyways. I was creeping the openers’ social medias earlier and saw Reece had posted a tweet from Nick Young to come out to the show. No sign of Swaggy P lmao. Smh at me for even thinking he’d show haha. I’ve honestly never seen The Roxy so empty :|. Felt so bad haha like did they lose money?

What’s interesting is that these artists don’t suck haha. I think there are a ton of factors like I didn’t hear about this show at all. There was no marketing or promo behind it. Basically what I’m saying is I don’t think anyone knew about it haha and even if they did, they prob weren’t d to pay.

Okay rant over. Chuck Inglish did his thing. His beats go hard for sure. Like they knock. There were a couple loyal fans singing his lyrics. Literally we were like front row and center. I was telling my hg it was like we were too close haha.


Like I had to back up to take this pic LMAO. Yo, he brought out Asher Roth which was dope. But the best fucking part of the night was Asher eating Doritos on stage. Like he was chilling at home or some shit. It was mad comedy to me. But then again, I’m easily amused haha. Like I saw a Tweet today that had me crying.

The next dude Chuck brought on stage was also in straight up sandals. 0 fucks up in there tn guys haha. It was hilarious. I’m glad my girl came it was good to catch up. She offered to drive me home I was like stop. That’s so fucking sweet. But nah I Ubered cause #tandemparkingsucks. Lmao. I’m trying to get used to it but it’s no chill. I guess it’s the price I pay for paying less rent.

Anyways. Been busy these days. Snuck into the gym tn and realized how much the treadmill fucking sucks haha I only lasted 15 min :/. Meep. Did Stairmaster though. But I always am like holding on for dear life. Which is terrible and not the way to do it lmao.

Wait the dentist told me not to eat pineapple bc it’s acidic and what am I doing rn. Eating pineapple. Fml. This is why my life is a joke.

I also realized how routine life is today. Ew sorry so deep. But literally you work all day, try to work out, try to have fun and relax, then do it all over again. Does anyone else feel me on this one lmao.

Okay time to do work bye.


TRACK OF MY DAY: My fav track EVER by Sir Michael. Ahhhh I miss this track haha.


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