XXL 2016 Freshmen Live.


Yooooooo. You know this show is about to be lit. I really fucked with the XXL Freshmen list this year, and I know the majority of my friends did not haha. The ones that really like Hip Hop hated this list. But whatever. It’s my turn up music and it gets me through life. And workouts haha.

I couldn’t write this last night cause my Internet went out. So awkward. Couldn’t do any work or anything. Pretty sad about it. But also I had a really rough day yesterday… and today. Didn’t want to talk about it. Kinda fucked up at work and it was just the worst timing ever. I literally didn’t think I could enjoy the show. But I had to. It’s not worth it to just literally shut yourself off when something bad happens.

Today was really hard. I actually just got back from Core Power Yoga in Westwood. Literally savior. But I started balling on my way over. I recently read somewhere that Prince OD’ed off fentanyl, and it was recently the anniversary of my friend who OD’ed. I was in treatment with her. She was addicted to that painkiller. When it actually happened I remember just sitting on the floor of my living room super confused, super sad, super angry. It was so brutal. Especially losing someone you know who had so much potential and to lose her life. What the fuck is that?

That combined with what’s happening at work I literally was balling my eyes out. Up until I got onto my yoga mat. I guess I needed to let my feelings out. But man, things have been really fucking heavy lately.

Okay back to the show. I was real sad bc I called for set times earlier, and they said 21 Savage would be on. But when we got there and saw the set list, Uzi and Savage weren’t on there. The two artists I was super d for haha it’s all good though. The show was super lit still.


I brought my hg who has the same music taste as me. Legit love her haha she’s my spirit animal. First up, G Herbo. A lot of people don’t know him. But I kinda fell in love with him last night haha he’s a lil qt. I only know a couple tracks by him. He didn’t wow the crowd or anything, but yo. He legit took off his Lakers jersey and threw it in the crowd haha. Whoever came up on that is lucky af.


Lil Dicky was next. And holy shit omg haha the crowd ATE HIM UP. I literally think people were there for him, which was really surprising to me. He has a huge fan base man. But he is lit. He put on a great show. Really, salute to him. If y’ll haven’t heard $ave Dat Money, I think that’s his biggest track. Ummmmmm. So he brought a girl on stage after and literally gave her a lap dance, like full on straddled her. It was too much. Like way too much.


Also, being short fucking sucks at shows. Me and my hg were struggling SO fucking bad haha. We couldn’t see shit. Okay so Desiigner was the highlight of the night. Literally straight comedy. He was fucking hilarious. I feel bad bc I really don’t take him seriously. And somehow he’s signed to Kanye’s label??

I was low key high key excited to hear Timmy Turner though. That shit BLEW up. It was so nuts haha. Of course he played Panda, but he literally jumped in the crowd like 10 times. And his facial expression the entire time was seriously unreal. Homeboy straight looking like he was gonna have a seizure fr. If you ever get a chance to see him live, please do so haha. Shit’s nuts.


It’s interesting. Our ticket said Desiigner was headlining but nah it was Lil Yachty. Aka my fav haha. Lil Boat!!!!! Literally I love him and his music. He turnt the fuck up. He brought out DRAM and they dropped my fav track Broccoli. Me and my girl were turnt haha. PS every artist kept throwing water into the crowd. 0 chill haha. I’d be so pissed if I got wet…

He also brought out DJ Carnage and played Minnesota twice. Overall great night. We were there for a hot minute. But didn’t have to pay for parking so was lit off that haha. All about that spending 0 dollars life.

My silent treatment with my bro ended today haha. I gave in. Literally was sad I couldn’t confide in him yday when all that shit went down smh. Life got me seriously in my feelings guys. So many good days, bad days, confused days. Right now I’m just really low. I have a lot of anxiety. Heading out to get a foot massage in a sec…

Meep. I tried praying today and it didn’t work. I just ended up crying.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This beat though.


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