Lights Out.


Yo, Lights Out was awesome haha. It wasn’t like AMAZING, but I genuinely enjoyed it, minus being scared af. But I legit get scared in every scary movie/horror shit. Like, I jump so easily. I legit just struggled so hard rn trying to find the scariest picture for this post, but they all suck haha. This will do I guess.

It’s a horror movie, if you didn’t get that. I feel like I always set myself up for failure when I go to scary movies lmao. But this wasn’t terrible. It was only an hour and 21 minutes too so I knew I’d be chillin haha. It did well too, like 81%. I thought it would be worse. The trailer made it look scarier than it was I think haha.

Plot: When her little brother, Martin, experiences the same events that once tested her sanity, Rebecca works to unlock the truth behind the terror, which brings her face to face with an entity that has an attachment to their mother, Sophie.

Yo, the main chick is mad pretty. Like hella pretty haha. Teresa Palmer. There’s pretty much a ghost/monster/creature that only exists, you guessed it, when the lights are out. Pretty interesting story actually. It has to do with Teresa’s mom being in a mental institution when she was younger, and how she’s portrayed as crazy now.

That’s all I’ll say. Go see this. It’s entertaining, and made my shitty day better. I went with my hg and her bf. Her goal in life is to work on a horror film, and I think that’s so cute haha. She does video at DX, she’s bomb. My other friend hit me and I invited him to the movie. 9:05pm showing at The Grove.

I thought I was late af, but my homie was actually later haha. That NEVER happens. I told him what seat to get, but he hella sat down on the other side of the theater. I didn’t figure out til like 5 min later and I told him to get his ass over to us haha. I normally don’t check my phone when the movie starts, so good thing I did haha.

Def try to make the beginning. Big part of the story. My homie’s commentary throughout the movie was hilarious. I love funny people haha.

Day was very shitty. Found out two bad news. Not one, but two. Def could use some prayers guys. I’m lost. Actually feel bad turning to God bc I haven’t really been active in my faith. Le sigh.

Went to Core Power Yoga in Hollywood after work. It was literally extra hot today haha. Hot Power Fusion is the hottest class they offer, FYI. Actually realized tn, that’s the only class that has a fixed series of poses you go through. Like it’s the same, every class. I think people mostly go for the heat, and to detox idk haha.

Meep meep. At least tomorrow’s Friday.

TRACK OF THE DAY: YG dropped the remix yday with Macklemore and G-Eazy. I’m thinking the white rappers were on purpose haha but yo they go in. I really fuck with it.


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