Ghostbusters. The female version. No but really… haha all women this time, which was the point. Which is pretty dope. WHO YOU GONNA CALL? I was actually super d to see this movie, esp after my co-worker described it as “eating really good candy.” LMAO. Whatever the fuck that means… He goes, it’s like really bomb candy, but not a full meal… haha. He’s great.

But really. This shit was mad hilarious. Me and my homeboy were busting up throughout the whole film, which lasted an hour and 45 minutes. We hit the 4:35pm showing at The Grove, which is always lit. Parking wasn’t as crazy as I thot it would be. Found a spot on the third floor right away. #trophies

So this is a remake of the original Ghostbusters, which came out in 1984, before both of us were born haha. It had cameos from some of the cast in that one, at which point some people in our theater screamed and awed. Makes sense, they the OGs. And the people that reacted are the dedicated Ghostbusters fans haha. My homie recognized them too. I’m not sure I ever saw the original…. but I think there’s been a couple remakes since.

There are 4 main females, and you know anything with Kristen Wiig will be comedy. Melissa McCarthy, I thought, played her role really well. The 3rd blond chick in the group was absolutely hilarious, she legit had us dead. Kate McKinnon. Had to look that one up for sure. The fourth is Leslie Jones, who was comedy as well.

Chris Hemsworth was the cherry on top. He plays their receptionist, and Kristen is like, obsessed with him. It added a nice flare to the whole flick. Please go watch this movie! G-Eazy is on the theme song too lmao.

I had a solid ass day. Which thankfully made up for my unproductive af Saturday. Hate it, my insomnia has been haunting me again, and it always carries over into the day. Should prob do something about that, but hey that costs money. I’m saving every penny rn cause my car accident cost way too much. Also found out the other party hired a lawyer and claims he got injured. SUCH bs. I can’t. It was 100% his fault. I was in shock. People are so sus man.

Speaking of, another shooting in Baton Rouge today :(. Don’t even wanna talk about it.

Woke up this morning and needed Starbucks, so I left in a hurry in my slippers and got judged left and right. Like, I get it, they should prob not leave the apt, but they’re Uggs kids slippers. Like it could be so much worse haha. Lesson learned tho… My white mocha frap was extra dank today. I love when they add hella syrup haha.

Last night, my co-worker mentioned interviewing this artist, which turned out to be someone I fucking loved, and had listened to since day one. His name is Belly, and his Up For Days mixtape was so bomb. My homeboy put me on him, and we knew he would blow. Shit, his track with The Weeknd, Might Not, STILL gets me. Even tho it’s overplayed af on the radio, it still seriously goes so hard for me. That collab is just fucking fire.

This video shoot was with Kehlani, or Baelani, for their single You. Shit’s fire. Anyone who knows me, knows I love Kehlani haha. Bay Area ftw. All that negative feedback with her suicide attempt was so fucking petty to me. Like she’s a human being like every one of us, and she was going through some shit. How dare you knock her down for it. *breathes*

The location was downtown, and it was hot af. Like, still dying in my little Fiat. Literally gonna kiss the AC in my Acura when I get it back lmao. But yeah, I had questions prepared from Belly… but they ended up doing the interview without me cause I was upstairs taking Snaps of Kehlani SMH. Mostly trynta get DX poppin on Snap, but not sure if my efforts are being recognized.

Literally, so crazy. Like probably a 7 second scene they had to do over 10x. She looked SO over it lmao. Shit, they had to be there all day. I would be too. I heard her asking for a j hahah that’s my girl. She looked beautiful tho, and I was sitting next to her stylist. She had to touch Kehlani up each take haha. So interesting… such a process.

Like most of us just watch a music video and it lasts what, maybe 3-5 minutes. Who knows how many hours are spent on this. I guess you could say that about movies too, but they make back a lot more… The fact that a single movie ticket is $15.50 still is a mindfuck to me.

Being BTS was cool. That was prob the biggest artist’s video set I’ve been on. But yeah, when I went back downstairs to see if Belly was ready for the interview, homeboy was already recording haha I was like DAMNIT. I snuck in a question or 2, but his team said only questions related to this video. So I guess it didn’t matter haha.

Omg, Belly’s dog bit someone. On set, outside his trailer. It was like an angry pitbull, and he straight up like noshed on this guy’s pants. Luckily, only got the pants. Yo, that dog is so gnarly tho. Def fits Belly’s personality haha.

After that, I came back and wrote an article. Then jet to The Grove. Shout out to my homeboy who went with me, he’s good peoples fr. Afterwards, I shopped around after, trynta find a bday pressie for my girl. Shit, everything cost money haha.

Got a foot massage at Joy Foot Spa after with my girl. She just moved downtown, and used to live down the street for me. Tear. We never see each other anymore. It’s sad, but we’re all just grinding.

Doing laundry now. Ready for you Monday leggo. LIFE IS GOOD.



TRACK OF THE DAY: For your listening pleasure.


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