The Infiltrator.


Holy shit guys. This movie was fucking sick. Like, we really liked it haha. The Infiltrator at The Grove at 7:20pm. It was actually weird because it wasn’t supposed to be out til Thursday, technically the weekend. Dunno why they had Wednesday showings but I’m glad my girl suggested it haha.

I never really fucked with Narcos or any of those shows about Pablo Escobar. Actually, I saw some episodes when I was a counselor at a rehab in the valley SMH. Like literally so inappropriate to be watching a Netflix show about drugs. Serious smh. But it was cool haha to pass time by.

If you guys don’t know, Pablo Escobar is like, the biggest drug lord in Columbia haha. Pushing herrrrrra cocaine. Shit is NUTS. Literally made HELLA mula selling this white powder. Like how haha. Smuggling the amount of shit they did across borders and past security is a mindfuck to me. Like literally, everything was planned out.

Alright so lemme find the plot…

A U.S. Customs official uncovers a money laundering scheme involving Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

Yo, it’s crazy how simple IMDB keeps their plots lmao. Wiki was like 3x as long. But yeah, dad from Malcolm In The Middle! Me and my bro used to hella watch that show. He’s come a long way. Bryan Cranston, you a real one fasho. He killed this role, per usual. It’s so fucking crazy…. going undercover as a cop. Esp when your fucking life is at risk. Like do they get paid hella well? Me and my hg were hella discussing this. And he got a fake fiance, who was SLAYING lmao. Man, shit is so nuts. I was like, our lives are so boring haha. 

AND IT’S ALL REAL. Like all the fucking crazy shit that happened in the movie actually took place in real life. Before the credits, they showed all the REAL mug shots of the characters in the movie. They had them side by side with the actors, and wow. Mad props for how similar they all were.

Yo, so The Grove had some free concert tn. Literally when I pulled up, I’ve never experienced such hell parking haha. Such a trip cause I literally never try to settle to go higher than level 3, but I must have made 30 circles. Finally decided to go up one, found a spot within minutes. UNREAL. Lesson learned haha. My hg was smart and went straight to level 5 ha.

I was late already but had to stop by Dylan’s and return something at Nord. Lmao. Dylan’s wasn’t even that good, I hated my selection today haha. Talk about let down. The movie was too dope tho, I didn’t need candy ha.

I came from Core Power Yoga 3 in Hollywood. Um, no. Never again. May or may not have snuck in again. I really should stop bc getting caught is/was mad embarrassing haha. That shit is hella expensive haha so I’m milking it. I’m mad bc this class was literally for yogis. Like, they set aside a good amount of class for you to do these crazy poses and handstands, of which I can’t do any. Sigh. Even a stretching pose, like pigeon. I was dying. I’m so embarrassed at how inflexible I am :/.

It’s sad cause I have “stretch” in my planner every day. In hopes of one day improving significantly. 0. It’s been like years lmao.

Work was super lit today. I got Murs in the DX office and he was just great. Really dope personality. I’ve been a fan since day one. Break Up was my shit even though I had no boyfran haha. Nostalgic of when Rock The Bells existed. RIP :(. Oh, homeboy was hella playing Pokemon. I gave him so much shit haha. He’s starting a TV show and I forget what it’s about, but that’s why he was in town. It was fun.

We also had Skinny come through, whosew publicist is someone I worked with before. My first on camera interview with Ty Dolla $ign had so many inside jokes, and we hella reminisced today. It was great.

Oh, it was my girl’s bday! She’s the sweetest ever and I brought her a cake and balloon. I love showing mad love on birthdays, esp if I fuck with you. She’s a doll. The cake was the cutest ever, like too cute to eat. I started saying I made that shit haha. I want credit.

She brought the last guest today for our music meeting. Tre Capital. He’s dope y’ll. He has some fire beats, including one with Wondagurl. She was only 16 when she landed a track on Jay Z’s album, which means street cred for the rest of her life ha. Think she worked with Drake after that. Anyways, the best part is, Tre is Xhibit’s son. You know, Pimp My Ride guy haha. It was dope bc he hella doesn’t put that on blast, creating his own lane, without the fame of his father. Salute to him.

Literally feeling blessed rn. Minus the fact that I just showered and my face lotion turned to straight liquid cause my room was so hot. Legit expensive lotion from Lush. RIP :(.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Skeme murders this verse.


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