Azealia Banks.


I legit suck at iPhone pics. Had to take like 10 Snapchats to get one not blurry. Like swear I’m so incompetent sometimes. Idk how people are so good at Snapchat haha. So effortlessly.

ANYWAYS. Azealia Banks was fucking lit guys. Legit, she’s dope af haha. She’s from New York, so she’s trill haha. I’m so happy I went to this show. I wasn’t going to, but my girl bailed last minute on plans that I had given up this show for. God bless my girl at Goldenvoice getting me on the list with a +1. I hit up my homeboy who I know loves her, and it was on.

He’s gay, which is the exact population of the crowd haha. It was cute though. Gay guys LOVE her. And they were all good looking and dressed well. It was at El Rey, fav venue. Super lit. My homie ran into hella heads there. Me, none haha. I usually see at least one if I’m out… But I met up with my co-worker who LOVES her. It was so fucking funny though, he even said himself, he was prob the only straight black male up in that bitch haha.

He was fucking great. Literally knew every track and every word. It was magical lmao. She came on a little after 10. Before that, a DJ opened, playing a bunch of house shit. I had no idea what to expect going into this show, which was actually pretty exciting haha. Usually, I know what to expect.

So I literally was trying to figure out what genre of music she primarily is. Cause hg can spit, and sing. But all her beats are like… house. Which is what my co-worker said it was. Makes sense. Her music live sounds so different than my iTunes man. Legit a trip haha. She legit left an imprint in my mind of her show… which is I think great, and what every artist should be able to do.

She didn’t play the one track I wanted to hear lmao. Big Talk with Rick Ross. Oh well. My best from home was cracking me up bc he hates her. Which a lot of people do… Guys. Twitter deactivated her account. Like that says something haha. She def speaks her mind… and it’s always pretty out there. She’s been called racist, homophobic, etc. Def a woman with a lotta… idk man. Commentary? ha.

She played a little over an hour. I was kinda trippin cause I literally parked illegally haha. I know, smh. But I didn’t wanna walk far or pay $10. Money has been tight cause I’m saving up for my car accidents. But this other car was straight up in the red, so I knew I wouldn’t be the worst off haha.

Anyways. Had a great night. Shoutout to my homie for coming through. And my co-worker. They made my night. They were so into it. Both have seen her multiple times before haha. Homie said her set at Coachella is way different. It’d be interesting to compare. Sadly, you won’t ever find me there again haha. I’m too old.

Today was a huge case of the Monday’s. It was long, but productive. Did laundry, went on a run, listened to Q’s album. Fire.

Life is good you guys, life is really good <3.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Her biggest track.


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