Asher Roth.


Asher Roth and Larry June at The Roxy on Sunset. One of my fav venues in Weho, and literally the same fucking workers every time I’m there. So funny cause last time, at the Bas show, I legit got into it with the guy patrolling VIP. We made up tn. It was a beautiful moment.

PS, homeboy straight up has no shoes in the pic above. If you can tell. That moment he jumps in the crowd and his goofy socks pop up above the surface. Comedy.

So first, we went to Soho House in Weho. I feel like I’ve been there before, but only downstairs to eat. This time, went up to the club level, which was the very top floor overlooking LA. So bougie, yet so nice haha. I was networking, meeting up with Larry June’s publicist, and when I arrived my co-worker was there lmao I was so excited to see him.

Guys, I’m not cut out for like fancy shit. I just feel like I don’t deserve it lmao. Soho House made me feel some typa way. A good way though haha. We all just conversed about Hip Hop and music and what not. Literally, my happy place. Could talk about that shit all day. We had to make sure we didn’t miss Larry’s set, so we mobbed over a little after 10pm.

Literally had some trouble at the box office, cause none of our names were on the list, when we were confirmed. It’s just so ironic, cause… they’re the reason Larry is even playing this show haha. This world is a fucked up place man.

Met up with my hg from Mad Decent, and randomly saw a couple heads I knew. LA is so small guys. So I actually didn’t know any of Larry’s music, minus a recent track he did with Asher Roth. He put on quite a performance tho. His energy was SUPER lit, which I can always respect in an artist. And he’s from the bay.

The Roxy was quite empty for his set haha but he had like a squad of 5 boys literally turning up with him so hard. It was adorable. He also got on the floor a buncha times and took selfies on fans’ phones. He’s cool.

If you look him up, he stands for this movement that’s all about healthy living. I found that out bc I asked why there were like 8 oranges on stage haha. My hg educated me. That’s mad cool though. Vitamin C haha. They were throwing them into the crowd. I was like… that’s dangerous haha. Larry honestly has this one ad-lib that drove me insane. Like actually haha. It hurt my ears. It was so fucking loud haha and just yeah. I’m pretty sure it’s his trademark.

IMG_1581Apparently he loves to take his shirt off. As seen here. Asher Roth randomly popped up out of nowhere haha. He looks SO dif. I think it’s just the hair tho. Shit’s long af haha and looks…. tangly haha. If you guys aren’t familiar, Asher is behind that famous track “I Love College,” which I fucking loved haha. Def get hella nostalgic with college. Those were the good days.

We looked him up. He’s 31 years old. So crazy haha at first I thought he looked way younger, but my hg brought up a good point. His college track was released days ago haha. And then I got a closer look and it made sense haha. Not in a bad way.

Guys, Uber has changed my life haha. I mean, confession. I literally am kinda scared to drive now. Esp after my accidents, one that was my fault. But I’ve never really relied on Uber, and I used it 4 times today. Wow, life is SO much easier.

I have to say tho, a lot of why I chose to Uber tn was cause I found a spot on the street. My new place has tandem parking and it’s a bitch to move cars. I’m still not moved in. Slowly but surely… Oh, I had a little bit of a dramatic ride over bc I chose to do Uber Pool when I was already late af. Legit, started bitching to the driver. Who doesn’t have any control with other riders. Actually, that’s a lie. I feel like they can def choose if they wanna pick them up or not haha.

Def a solid day. Feeling blessed and productive haha. Kinda sad it’s Monday tomorrow. I feel like life is speeding by. Gotta hang on for dear life haha.

Have a great week everybody <3.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Dope track. Second track of the day cause I posted earlier haha.


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