The Legend Of Tarzan.


I honestly really coulda done without this movie lmao. So fucking busy and stressed. *sigh* I wanted to hang with my bro bro though, and this was the only way. He was literally trying to escape all day haha.

Today was moving day. Or half at least. Serious fail haha. We hired movers and they had a 3 hour minimum. But man, once they got the big furniture over, they dipped HELLA QUICK. It was kinda funny tbh. But yeah, um, hot ass day in LA does not make moving fun. Also my ghetto ass Fiat that’s my current rental car has no AC. LIKE HOW :(. Terrible.

I moved literally 3 blocks down. And actually right freaking next to my old roomie’s bf lmao. So nuts. They’re moving a block away from me too. Literally all in a mile radius it’s crazy. But anywho, moving is such a fucking bitch. I have boxes in the middle of the room and what not. I feel bad but I’m so busy in the next couple days I don’t know when I will get to it. *sigh*

We hit 6:10pm showing at The Grove. I had to return some ish at Nordstrom before that which took fucking forever. I hate it cause all my purchases don’t register in the computer systems and they have to call a manager to override and blase blase. But seriously, after the half move, literally realized I’m a hoarder. And I need to get rid of like 50% of my shit. Literally. My bro made me start a donation box. Hella smart haha. I’m starting to let go of shit, and it feels good.

I was not present for Tarzan, and we went super late cause of me. It features Margot Robbie though, from the movie Focus with Will Smith. She’s fire. She played Jane. I realized I have no idea the story of Tarzan, and I still don’t lmao. My brother thought the “cinematography” was hella good. I usually just say picture. Good vocab there haha.

The movie theater was PACKED. But so was The Grove, per usual. I swear it doubled in population recently. Shit is crazy nuts on the weekends. I guess in general. There was a dude sitting by us alone in the front rows. I seriously have mad respect for people who go to movies alone haha.

Anyways. Movie was like 2 hours long. I really have no idea what happened. Samuel L. Jackson’s in it. And Tarzan was ripped. That’s all I know. This review would suck if I did this professionally lmao. Currently listening to ScHoolboy Q’s new album. Fuego.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Heard this on the radio and my bro started singing to it LMAO. I love Tove Lo tho.


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