Secret Life Of Pets.


So fucking adorable!! Real talk though, this movie was everything. And now I hella want/need a pet. Like stat. I’ve actually always wanted to get a bunny and name it Hip Hop (adorable right). But my hg had a bunny and said it was smelly af and shit too much. I can’t haha.

Was always told I can’t take care of a pet until I take care of myself. I think that still stands smh haha. And my best from home is literally animal cray and yeah I live vicariously through her animals haha. She has to see this movie, it’s too fucking cute.

It has hella famous heads playing the voices on these guys. My girl actually got us tickets to see Louie CK next week, and he played the main dog. Pretty dope haha I didn’t know who he was. A super famous comedian FYI. Also Kevin Hart plays the bunny and I die. My fav. It was literally him in a bunny character haha. Also there was an animal who I swear was the same voice as the main character in the Rugrats. Squad.

Plot from IMDB: A terrier named Max regularly invites his friends to hang out at his place while his owner is gone, but his quiet life is upended when said owner also takes in Duke, a stray mutt whom Max instantly dislikes.

This takes place in New Yawk. Obsessed. Which reminds me… when I was in Europe. Estelle’s “American Boy” played on the radio in the taxi and the guy goes “hot new single.” FR haha.

Okay the movie- we pretty much get the perspective from the animals and how they view their owners. It’s so cute. It’s short, only an hour and half. I almost fell asleep in the end though 😦 so beat. The theater was PACKED. All ages too. I think this movie is PG, but it could definitely have been G. It was opening night, and the hype is real.

I met my 2 hgs at AMC Century City 15 at 8:30pm. Moviepass ftw. Missed using that shit while I was away haha. Also had $15 dollars rewards on my bro bro’s AMC Stubs account, so I hooked up my girl. Sorry bro. We all loved the movie though, supes cute. My other girl went to a garden to pick vegetables today in Simi Valley. I was like wow I would love that. Idk why, I love random shit like that haha.

Anywho, work was busy today. Or at least it felt like it. I had to get another rental before I went in :(. So fucking sad. Legit second guessed myself AGAIN getting insurance. I did it. I’m in the smallest most ghetto Fiat ever. I legit had to get gas and didn’t know how to open the little door. I called my best bc I panicked lmao but ended up asking a stranger. You manually open it.

SO RIDIC. Anywho. Eating this Greek salad rn and I legit hate olives. Like they’re so gross. Why. Also, ScHoolboy Q’s Blank Face LP dropped and I want it. In my iTunes.

One love. ❤

TRACK OF THE DAY: So mainstream, sorry about it.



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