IMG_1519Young Gerald!!!!! You are bae. Literally, bae. I didn’t think I loved him this much until tn. And I’ve seen him live a bunch of times. Endless Summer Tour with Logic, Yo Gotti, and YG. And I missed all 3. Also fucking missed Kamaiyah and Nef Tha Pharaoh. I suck. Literally…

Before the show, I got in my second car accident in less than 24 hours :(. Like how. I’m pretty sure my insurance is going to drop me. Fucking blows. I touched down in Los Angeles last night, tired af. Took a nap, did some work, then tried to get my nails done. I was on Melrose when all of a sudden, a Beemer hit me from the side and I was thrown and hit the side of my car. Also bent a pole on the sidewalk. That’s never happened to me before (impact so hard that I got thrown). But it was their fault.

Tn was completely my fault. I was running super late to show, and even thought I was using my nav to pick up my girl, I don’t think I was on my phone when I got in the accident. There was two left turn lanes and I hit her trying to go straight. Totally my fault. And literally this morning at Enterprise, they asked me if I wanted insurance on my rental car. I said no because I didn’t want to pay 9 bucks more a day. So fucking ridiculous. I’m pretty sad rn, and shouldn’t drive. Legit. But that’s not an option…. *sigh*

But back to the show. G-Eazy is from the Bay Area and I’ve been a fan since day one. Straight up so beautiful to see him sell out The Forum, one of LA’s hottest venues. Legit sold out show, and a lot of kids haha. But literally they knew ALL the words to his lyrics, it was fucking cute man. Adorable. Me and my hg snuck down per usual. Why sit in nosebleeds when we don’t have to haha.

So, YG tweeted earlier that day that he was on at 7pm. That was not happening. I barely finished my work by then. I was so tired from the day. So fucking tired. I took like a 20 min nap, woke up, ate, and left. I keep thinking in my head, if I did ONE thing different, I wouldn’t have been in the accident. That’s dumb though, you could say that about everything… literally. Trynta get over it but tomorrow, shit is gonna hit the fan. Sucks :(.

Also thanks to the accident, I hella missed Logic, who I love :(. Tear again. But G-Eazy absolutely stole the show. He brought out YG again to play “Fuck Donald Trump,” which was super lit. YG is my baby daddy. He also brought out Marc E. Bassy, who is super dope. If you don’t know him, get to know him. My girl thought he was hot lmao and goes “I need to look him up.” Love her.

But yeah. G-Eazy has officially made it. He legit talked about how he was slept on for forever, and it’s true. He went on about opening for Lil Wayne and seeing sold out crowds, dreaming that he would make it big like that one day.

Congrats G-Eazy you did. Also, you’re skin tight white pants and polka dot shirt was popping. He took his shirt off at the end and I’m pretty sure every girl jizzed their pants.


Oh, and YG looking like he just got out of jail per usual. And my hg who works for Power 106 was on the Jumbotron a bunch of times. I was like… is that her. Checked her Snap, yup. She was rocking a bandana and going HAM. I love it. So dope. I love people who are just as passionate about Hip Hop and music like I am. Like she belongs at her job.

One love <3.


TRACK OF THE DAY: This song was so fucking good live. Damn.


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