Independence Day: Resurgence.

IMG_1477Writing this from the most lit hotel in Copenhagen. I don’t even know the name lmao but it’s by Marriott. JK It’s called AC Hotel. Texted my bro who’s upstairs in the room sleeping on the floor. But he’s awake haha. The struggle is too real guys. It’s 1am and we are gonna head to the airport at 3:30am.

I don’t feel like writing about my trip lmao. It was seriously so great until our cruise broke and we were stuck in Denmark. This caused us to miss our flight out of Copenhagen today, happy fucking July 4. No one cares about the holiday here in Europe haha. That was so crazy to me. It was just another fucking normal Monday. LIFE.

But really this hotel is like futuristic af. Like everything is SO modern and nice and just damn. They don’t got this in the States haha.

So…. don’t choose Norwegian Cruise Line. Jk. I guess it’s really not their fault, and it was probably a good thing we didn’t proceed if the engine was damaged. Europe was mad real but I fucking miss the States. Like damn, America, imy. This trip was really hard for me to commit to. I’m not close with my fam at all and it was really scary going on a 10day cruise with my mom. I did it for my dad though. He works too damn hard to not have his whole fam there. Seriously, such a humbling experience. And I realize I am truly blessed.

Things with my mom will never be. And it sucks, but I realized it on this trip. It was her birthday yesterday too and idk. It’s been journey, but I’m glad we are civil now. I was pretty much on my own the majority of the time on the boat. Work out, eat, sleep, repeat. The cycle of life. Reflected a lot, and listened to a lot of throwbacks.

Read 3 books. #Girlboss by the founder of Nasty Gal. Such a dope book. Shout out to the females killing it. Eddie Huang’s book, which was so relatable because of our Asian culture and upbringing. And Outliers, the New York bestseller about successful people. I had a little trouble with the latter. It made it seem like people only succeed if they come from good families or situations. Idk. I definitely had my opinion on that one.

Read it on my bro’s iPad, and we started arguing about reading REAL books versus a fucking device. He won in the end, cause you could look up words you dunno on the tablet. Sigh. I need that tough. I always be lost on unknown words :/.


Okay wait I’m talking about my trip haha. INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE. Um, Liam Hemsworth is hot haha. I think this is the sequel to the one made like 14 years ago or something. Basically, the US is attacked by aliens. Blase blase. There’s a woman President. Which is kinda cool. The first film had Will Smith, but this one had a fine ass black male haha lemme find out his name…

Jessie Usher. Yum. This film did pretty bad in ratings, but me and my bro thought it was great. I think it might have gotten really low ratings because of the picture (30%).  It was pretty cheesy with all the attacks on the country and aliens and what not. But minus that, it was seriously pretty dope. It kept me engaged the entire time. Not like I had a choice though cause I had no wifi haha. 2 hours long. Was getting tired towards the end but I made it through.

You could see it in 3D. It had some funny parts. And yeah, just a good ole action film. And seeing it on Independence Day was kinda perfect. Esp being stranded in Copenhagen for a night… speaking of. The mall was LIT. Idk, this city is so great. Everything is so modern and I feel like a good amount of people speak English. Well, the movies were a struggle. The computer screens were all in Danish and they had no butter for their popcorn!!! Like what. No. Europe losing points there haha.

We walked to the mall which Google maps said was 15 minutes long, inaccurate. Lmao. I was like sweating. It took about 20-25 min to walk there. And then we couldn’t find the theater. It’s so crazy being in another country. Such a culture shock. And yeah. Uber-ed back and the car smelled like straight yack. I told my bro to rate him one star lmao. Brutal.

Okay I’m getting tired. Prob nap for 2 hours on this damn couch. *skull emoji* Pray for us tomorrow.

Oh and successfully drove my bro crazy on this trip :(. He hates me. Ha.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Hope I didn’t post this one yet. But, I had trouble finding a song. So disconnected from new music on my trip. It sucked.


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