Rhythm & Rhyme Fest.

IMG_1213.JPGThis was the most random show ever haha. The lineup was just so random to me. I actually got an email hella days ago for it. It’s called Rhythm & Rhyme Fest (rhythm is so hard to spell lmao). I think I got it cause I attended Rhymefest, which is affiliated. That was with De La Soul at the same venue, Belasco in downtown LA.

Anyways. I reached out asked for press credentials, and they were like…. hella intense about it haha. We had asked for confirmation on who would be attending, they had nothing haha. Here’s the lineup: http://www.rrfest.com/. Honestly, it’s such a dope concept, and has so much potential. But yo, the show flopped for sure haha. Like I’m pretty sure they lost money.

First of all, Belasco is huge. And there’s so many layers to it haha. There were two stages, the small one upstairs. I was HELLA struggling today, like I was so dead haha. And was laying in bed contemplating even showing up. My team member was in the same exact boat lmao. He wanted to just “eat gelato and watch OITNB.” I died. I have to give a shout out to him though. He’s seriously so fucking dope, and so chill. So glad to have him as a co-worker.

I pulled up a little after 10. Met the homie who’s gf works there, so he’s at every event haha. He’s super dope though. He tried to help us get interviews which was super sweet. But nah, no artists wants to talk on their performance night haha. We first went upstairs to catch Open Mike Eagle at the smaller stage. Oh before that, we watched break dancers go at it. It was raw. MC Supernatural had already gone, which I was sad to miss. He can spit for real.

Open Mike Eagle was dope! Super Anderson Paak vibes. Apparently, he’s best friends with Hannibal Buress, who is one of my fav comedians. But yeah, actually, I’ma dl his songs rn. Good reminder. It was a tiny crowd, but some people were really feeling it. We made our way downstairs for Brother Ali, and watched almost his whole set. I go, “did he dye his beard white.” Was informed homeboy is straight albino haha. Brother Ali is hella OG and hella respected. He’s Muslim and raps about real shit.


Earl Sweatshirt came on after midnight. SNOOZE. Thank goodness for the seats provided in the photo pit lmao. We legit sat our asses down and waited. So I actually listened to Earl’s music. I remember thinking his last album was emo haha. He def has an interesting story though. He’s young af, and looked like he just rolled outta bed for this shit haha. As a headliner, come onnnn.

Being in the front had me RIGHT under his die hard fans, who knew every single line to his songs. It was cute, until they spit on me. Straight up.

I was supposed to meet my girls out in dtla after, but them shits never made it. That’s okay, cause I’m tired. My day was long. And tiring. Yoga killed me haha. As it always does.

It’s hot af in LA rn.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Anti-anxiety. Yes please.


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