Berner x Kool John.


Yo, the title is a tease. It should really only be “Be” because we literally caught 15 min of this damn show lmao. Fail. All good though. Berner and Kool John at El Rey, my fav venue in LA. Wait it’s between that and NOVO haha. But anyways. If y’ll don’t know Berner, most don’t haha. He’s from the bay and is hella OG. Like my iTunes consists of tracks of him and The Jacka, RIP.

I have a lot of thoughts about this show haha. First of all, we pulled up hella late, like 10:45pm. They said he’d been on since 10pm. He also said they tried to shut down the show, dunno why. I wanted to see Kool John, all bay area shit. But we def did not catch that set haha. Legit the show ended at 11:10pm lmao. Saw a couple heads I knew, and my friend came and met us. Felt bad they paid for like 10 minutes of the show haha.

So Berner has like a weed shop called Cookies in SF, and his own strain and merch and what not. Yo, he announced shirts were $20 instead of $35 and everybody MOBBED to the merch. Bitches love discounts haha. But ummmm, the show was empty af haha. And mostly dudes. Def full of smoke. All Berner does is smoke. And he’s a big dude. We were like…. munchies be real. One of the biggest mysteries in life is how Wiz Khalifa stays so skinny lmao. Oh yeah, Berner is part of Taylor Gang. TGOD.

Rewinddddd. SKKKRRRTTT. My best fran from UCSB is visiting <3. And I hadn’t seen her in years. Literally was so excited to see her. She’s staying at one of our close hgs in the valley, and we all used to hella just blaze it and kick it in SB. When they FINALLY pulled up at my crib, legit my hg rolled a blunt and 2 j’s. She’s my personal roller lmao so clutch man. Needless to say, we were lit. IT’S LIT.

And then… we went to a taco truck. Cause they hadn’t ate. I actually hate tacos, but this taco truck was POPPIN. Like, hella heads haha. It was crazy. More cracking than a bar on a Friday night lmao. And of course, any visitor in LA, I have to take them to cronuts.


Shoutout to SK Donuts on 3rd that’s open 24/7. And since we were in the area, drove down Fairfax. Had to stop by this.


YG’s pop up shop on Fairfax. Literally been playing Still Brazy all day. It just goes so hard in the whip man.

OMG. I tried Zumba today. Snuck into LA Fitness. It was fucking embarrassing lmao. I am not coordinated enough for choreography dance, like 0. And everyone in the class was like 50 LMAO. Legit concern of being seen..

On my lunch, I went to get acupuncture. OW. Legit needles hurt af. And the cupping. But it’s helped my insomnia in the past so I’m really hope it does again. But you have to return consistently, like therapy. Which I def stopped :|. Legit can’t afford it, which is unfortunate.

But yo, the doc hit me with so much Chinese herbal medicine shit. She sent me with hella pills and tea. LUCKILY, I actually like the tea. Had 2 cups today. Praying this shit works though. It’s supposed to help relax me and my anxiety.

Weekend vibes, leggo. Oh yeah, and it’s hot AF in LA rn. I wonder where I would be w/o acronyms lmao. Prob smarter.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Obsessed with Logic’s new single.


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