I had to snap this beautiful pic of Jessica Alba at The Grove haha. She has a pop up shop for her makeup line I believe, called Honest or something. It’s always closed when I usually go late at night but I met my bro there after work and dragged him inside haha. He was so awkward, understandable. But it’s def a store for the females haha.

The workers were real nice, and had a lot to say. If I was actually shopping for products, it coulda been deadly. But her line is super lit, it’s meant to be all natural and healthy and shit. Super Jessica Alba vibes haha. My bro did consider the oil wipes tho. Those are so clutch haha.

So my indecisive ass couldn’t decide what to do. Either watch the Warriors lose at a bar/restaurant or watch Warcraft, a movie I have 0 interest in. Brainwashed by the Moviepass, we give it a try. I lasted like half the movie lmao. Legit we were both so tired and I had a lot on my mind. What’s even worse is before that, we sat down at Cheesecake Factory to watch the game. The waiter had come with waters and bread already and we decided to dip. Smh. I suck.

My bro knew I would hate the movie too. He said it was like Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit, which is so not my steez. I honestly at that point didn’t gaf. It’d been a long ass day and I was legit in my feelings haha idk. Today was rough. I was tired too. My bro noticed the moment we met up. I was like damn really. I was in the office like this haha.


I guess this movie’s based on a video game. Just looking this up made me cringe lmao sorry I’m a hater. Just not my fav. We tried the 7:50pm showing and left around 8:45pm. Got some passes tho. And it was technically free. Minus my bro dropping 10 bucks on an Icee and hot dog haha. I love my brother. I feel bad he has to put up with me. I literally feel crazy sometimes. Most of the time.

Before that, I stopped by Crossroads on Melrose to try to sell back clothes… again. Got the SAME fucking dude as last time, who took nothing. He took 2 items this time, but I was so heated I got him again -____-. He def remembered me too. He was like smirking going through my shit. And then the line for the register was beyond long. I raised hell up in there haha. I legit can be so mean when it comes to customer service :/. If you ever need to complain about something, I got you.

Work was fun tho. The Rej3ctz came through, finally. Their team had been hitting me up for a minute. But REAL TALK, they were prob my fav artists to come through. The energy was so lit and they were fucking HILARIOUS. Straight comedy. Legit cracking jokes left and right. They had us all busting up. It was def a fun music meeting. If y’ll aren’t familiar, they’re the ones behind the track “Cat Daddy.” That shit was viral back in the day.

Anyways. I got a massage after haha I couldn’t deal. IDK MAN I’M IN MY FEELINGS. Future trippin. Life trippin. I’m being really stubborn with some people and it’s really unlike me, but I feel like I’m actually standing up for myself now. Not that I totally wasn’t before, just more cautious. Totally vague rn haha. *skull face emoji*

Oh, and I’m convinced the NBA is rigged. Straight. Up.


TRACK OF THE DAY: I feel like posting this ratchet. Shoutout to 21 for getting on XXL Freshman List.


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