Bas x Cozz.


Yo, the struggle to get in this show was way too real. Fr, I was left outside waiting for like 40 minutes. No chill. At all haha. Bas announced his Too High To Riot tour hella days ago, and I remember seeing it. For some reason, it was off the radar until literally yesterday. My hg who luhs Dreamville asked if I was going, and I was like shiiiiiit. I have to.

Sold out show at The Roxy. I saw him there last time too, before his album dropped. If y’ll don’t know, he’s signed to Dreamville, J. Cole’s label. Automatic street cred. Cozz opened for him then too. Legit, deja vu haha. Except I had a ticket then -____-. It was too late to get credentials through DX, so I hit up my hg who’s brother is Meez, Cozz’s producer. She said she got me. But the box office was NOT having it. Legit those two bitches behind the plastic divide were sitting there eating cake and a salad and just like “sorry, nope, it’s sold out.” Blase blase, bye lmao.

Not gonna lie I was close to giving up haha. My hg who got her ticket when the show was announced was hella trynta help me get in too. Even asked Bas’ tour manager but THEN, God came through and blessed me haha. My girl from Mad Decent just picked up her ticket at the box office, and she said her friend had a plus one. She came out and it was done. Bless her soul. Legit, patience is a virtue. Af haha. It was so brutal for a minute though. I woulda been more pissed I got dressed for nothing lmao.

PS, had the most deadly nap before the show. Legit had a dream and it was wild. That’s all I rem haha. But I was so “nap hungover” after. Had to write an article and knocked it out, but was in the twilight zone.

Snapped out of it and mobbed over to The Roxy, which is only like 15 minutes from me on Sunset. Legendary venue and I love it cause it’s small and intimidate. The set times posted are never accurate haha always add like 30-40 minutes. Cozz killed his set though (pic above). I met his sister and she was legit so excited for the show, it was the cutest thing ever. Love family support.

We were chilling in VIP where I always post, but the white dude checking wristbands was NOT having it. He would not leave me alone. He eventually got his coworker to kick me out, but he was legit so extra. Oh yeah I def snuck in haha and finessed it for a while. Honestly made no difference tho. Anywhere you stand at The Roxy you get a dope view of the stage, also why I love the venue.

I had to feed my parking meter in between sets, mad annoying haha. But they let me, so that was clutch. Damn Sunset Blvd though, meters run til 2am. Bruhhhh.


Bas absolutely killed his set. Sold out show was REAL. The whole crowd was in love with him, and honestly his fan base in LA is crazy. He played a ton of his album Too High To Riot. My fav tracks are Dopamine, Penthouse, Ricochet, Night Job with J. Cole, but honestly they’re all fire haha. I looked around at one point and everyone was rapping his verses verbatim. I know I’m cheesy, but it was so damn beautiful.

Oh, Bas got so damn slim haha. Good for him. Putting in work. Also there was a .1% J. Cole would pop out, but nah lmao. He was at the last show though. Def remember seeing him up top haha.

My day was okay. It was long. I went to yoga and it’s starting to get routine. I feel like I need to mix it up. And driving back from the west side was NOT the business. I was going like 10mph on the 405 around 1:30pm. Why.

My roomie left for Europe today, to backpack with her friends. I respect her so much for that. I legit don’t think I could live off a backpack. As much as I want to try, just not sure I’d be able to pull through haha. Props to her.

LIFE. Gonna make a CD for my car now. With YG’s new album. Muahs.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Oh yeah, he brought out The Hics and they dropped amazing vocals. So beautiful.


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