Now You See Me: The Second Act


Now You See Me: The Second Act. I have such mixed feelings about this movie. First of all, shit was mad long. Technically only 2 hours, but they coulda cut out so much haha. Second of all, I don’t remember the first one AT ALL, but both my homegirls said it was better. And I remember loving the first. But that’s literally all I rem haha. I walked into this thinking it was a comedy… wrong.

Went to the 7:30pm showing at AMC Century City 15. Met my two homegirls, shoutout to them! And of course, we get the prime theater haha with the recliner chairs. Soooo lit but I wish there was a way we could differentiate those theaters when people look up movie times, bc not everyone would be d to pay 21 bucks I’m sure. My Moviepass only covered some, which is a bit concerning bc that’s how I got my last account cancelled last time. By purchasing a prime ticket. Welp. We’ll see if they catch me again lmao, stay tuned.

Plot: The Four Horsemen resurface and are forcibly recruited by a tech genius to pull off their most impossible heist yet.

This literally helped 0 lmao thanks IMDB. Idk how to describe this movie haha. I legit was lost for like an hour. I just enjoyed the magic and action scenes, which there were a lot of. Legit, it seems like so much fucking work went into filming this movie haha. Everything was SO strategic and planned, and so much attention to detail. Like too much haha. It was so extra. I think that’s the best way to describe it haha. Extra.

The cast was def lit. The gothic chick from Mean Girls was in it, which I recently watched at Hollywood Forever Cemetry outdoors. So great haha. I’m terrible with names but it’s stacked. Morgan Freeman has such a damn presence in every damn movie he’s in. Oh and most of the movie took place in China, the “Las Vegas” part. I could understand like 20% of the Chinese haha so that was cool.

It was chill though. My girl semi lost her car after haha. That mall can be so confusing if you never been there, or park in the wrong area. Oh, it was free pizookie day at BJ’s today! I didn’t go, but I used to luh that ish. Dang I need to talk better haha.

I went to the movies straight from Rise Nation, I’ve been there previously with my girl. If you’re loyal you’ll remember. Jk. It’s basically this 30 minute climbing workout. The most LA workout class you could sign up for lmao. They shut the blinds and turn up the music, so it’s legit like a club. My hg works there now!! So she got me in for free, shoutout to her <3. Legit, that shit is pricy. Af haha. Look it up though, it’s mad dope. Wayyyy better than the gym or treadmill.

Life is tripping me out, again. I also can’t figure out when I wanna move. Either way, I’m overlapping half of July in rent 😦 Sad about it. But whatever. I’m a little sad bc my bro moved out and his place is actually a lot farther than I thought. Little Tokyo is like 30 minutes from me. No chill. I have a 15 minute radius. Real talk.

Also, content and blessed with the people I have in my life. ❤

TRACK OF THE DAY: My girl tweeted this track today and I forgot how raw it is. Listen.


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