Lil Uzi Vert.


I literally have been eyeing this show since it was announced haha. Sad times though, it was supposed to be Lil Uzi Vert and Kodak Black headlining, but Kodak in jail. AGAIN. He a fool haha. But honestly it was SO LIT without him. I’m so satisfied ha.

YFN Lucci and 21 Savage were opening. Shoutout to DX for the hookup and plus one! I was able to bring my hg, who’s birthday was Monday. She’s my spirit animal when it comes to music haha. Love her. It was at The Regent in dtla. Dope venue I’ve been there before. Hella crowded, it def looked sold out. Majority males. We were getting trampled haha. And my hg is shorter than me.

Yo, fuck downtown LA haha. Shit is NOT lit when it comes to parking. Legit made about 10 circles no lie. Found a spot but I had to walk for a minute. Spend 0 dollars tn I’m with it. We pulled up a lil before 10, and definitely missed Lucci haha. 21 Savage, the pic above, was cool. He’s from Atlanta and has a cross tattoo on his forehead. Shit’s intense af. He also had his squad on stage with him. And when he took off his shirt, it really looked like his pants were gonna fall off lmao. He’s been getting a lot of love from cats out here for sure.

Hella intermission before Uzi came on. And YO the heads that came thru were mad random haha but dope. Steve Aoki, DJ Drama, and a bunch of other fools walked right by me to the back. They came on stage for Uzi’s set. Man, his set was so fucking lit. I love him. He looks like such a dope person too, just like always smiling. He cute. From Philly.


And then he brought out Wiz Khalifa and I died haha. Peep the track below. But yeah, I suck at pictures. I was legit lit. Wiz tried to walk off the stage and the DJ dropped “We Dem Boyz.” He had no choice. It was so great. PS the height difference when Wiz stood next to Uzi- straight comedy.

Before the show, I went to cover the red carpet for a screening of this new movie Kicks, which CJ Wallace is co-starring in. If you don’t know who that is, I didn’t either lmao. It’s Biggie’s son! Legit looked just like him. Skinny version lmao. I was tripping. It was at Arclight in Culver City. I was like wow, I was just here with the bro bro haha. There was a red carpet then too but we just saw the aftermath.

Loving life rn. It’s crazy. ❤


TRACK OF THE DAY: Legit my shit.


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