Me Before You.


Chick flick ftw. Me Before You. Def go with the homegirls haha. This movie was honestly really good. It was one of those movies that just sucked you in. Like I really felt I was in the movie, feels so real.

The dumbed down plot for you: A girl in a small town forms an unlikely bond with a recently-paralyzed man she’s taking care of.

I came late cause I was covering an event, legit like 15 minutes late to the movie haha. I met my hg and her roomie at the Grove for the 10pm showing. Shoutout to the Moviepass, it didn’t matter if I missed a little bit. And it was almost 2 hours so I was chilling. A little stressful going in that late tho, I must say. Exactly what my hg went through last night meeting me haha smh.

But ANYWAYS. I have so many feels about this flick haha. First of all, soundtrack goes. Not rap, but like really good pop tracks. Idk if you call it pop, just really good vocals haha. I really wanted to Shazam a track at one point, but that woulda been inappropriate haha. The movie theater was PACKED. And bitches were crying. We saw this girl after the movie with mascara running down her cheeks haha it was cute.

It took place in London I think? Idk but everyone had a British accent and it was amazing. I wish I had an accent haha. And yeah, basically this dude gets in a motorcycle accident that leaves him stuck in wheelchair… for the rest of his life. Really lit too, his family is royal or some shit. He used to LOVE life but now can’t bear the fact that this is his destiny. His parents hire a caretaker, who literally takes care of him like, the best anyone could.

Whoever played her character was amazing. Just genuinely an amazing individual haha like positive, always smiling, funny, cute, etc. I feel like that’s how she is in real life because it was so real. But anyways, as you can predict…. guy meets girl, girls meets guy haha. Plot twist comes when he breaks the news he wants to end his life, not being able to live with his circumstances. Not right away, but a timed thing. He hired lawyers and shit to plan his death. Does that make sense?

Anyways. The movie’s really emotional. And I really enjoyed it. Def a chick flick, don’t grab your man and go. Even though I saw a ton of couples in the theater haha.

Day was busy af. On top of work had so many errands. Went to Core Power Yoga 2 on Wilshire in Brentwood. Literally healing power right there. Oh, made a dispensary run for a friend to my regular spot. They were totally smoking a blunt and I took 2 hits and I was literally lit. Shout to the hg who helped me. It was low key amazing haha.

Then I froze my ass off on Melrose covering an event. I swear I think LA is cold and it’s not okay haha.




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