X-Men: Apocalypse.


Wow I just spent a good 6 minutes trynta find a good pic of the movie but failed miserably. I think Google thinks it’s the old X-Men movies, or there’s just no pics of this one, which doesn’t make sense. Anyways, shoutout to this half Asian girl in the flick. She was evil but this pic reminded me I liked her haha.

X-Men: Apocalypse! Fucking gangster haha. It was seriously mad dope. I went with my bestie back home at 9:05pm at Oakridge in San Jose. Side note, movie etiquette in the bay compared to LA is mad different. No assigned seating means every person goes to the box office solo and gets their own ticket. Minor detail but in LA it’s a team effort lmao. Also, $12.50 here!! I have the Moviepass so it don’t matter but for the rest of the world, I feel like 3 bucks is a huge difference haha.

I asked what number X-Men this was and he said too many haha. I was informed this one is the prequel to the last one though. It was mad dope. The professor in the wheelchair is young af haha. Also Jennifer Lawrence is bae!!!! Seriously so fire haha especially as Mystique. It made me really want to have a superpower. Also reminded me of how much I used to want to be Sabrina The Teenage Witch lmao. Anyways.

We loved it. Marvel ftw. We were also lit. It was epic. So many scenes that left me in awe. It was great. Go see this shit. It didn’t feel long at all, even though it was 2 hours and 16 minutes. Wouldn’t wanna spend Sat night any other way.

So yes, I’m home. Hiding haha. Had to get out of LA for a sec and debrief. I missed the Dubs game per usual but shoutout to them for pulling through. I’m still convinced the NBA is rigged though haha straight up.

Ps, I hate taking my shoes off to go through security at the airport. It really just irks me.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Loving the cameos.


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