Alice Through The Looking Glass.


Johnny Depp in this movie absolutely tripped me out. Just the make up and everything about his character haha so animated. I loved it though. Alice Through The Looking Glass! I loved every minute haha. Legit didn’t even check my phone the entire hour and 50 minutes. Minus when I dropped it under the seats 😦 I think I average at least one drop per movie. So gross under there!!! One time it was sticky af, I about died.

But really, this movie kept me engaged the entire time. 10pm showing at The Grove with my bro, my NY homegirl and her new roomie, and another homeboy. It’s a party it’s a party. Lmao it was fun though. It was a small theater and pretty packed, we had to sit in the front section.

People suck sometimes. My hg was telling me how she saw Adam Devine as she walking in, and I couldn’t remember who that was. So she Googled him for me and then the guy next to us full on yelled at us for being on her phone. We literally just sat down. It was so unnecessary. Like bye haha.

You can see this in 3D Imax if you want, if you got it like that. Jk. My bro and I had the Moviepass and plus it’s a waste of money. To me at least. It’s all the same shit. The movie would have been dope though. Super extravagant and the costumes were lit. The cast was lit too. I love Anne Hathaway haha and my hg hates her. She’s beautiful. Omg Borat was in it too haha or Bruno or whatever the dude’s name is.

I’m really not sure if this is the sequel to Alice In The Wonderland, or just a spinoff. Wait jk I just checked Wiki, it’s the sequel haha. It was dope though! Action throughout and the animals were cute.

My day was busy af. I was legit stressed the entire mf day. Idk, sometimes I feel like I take on too much, or I just stress too much. I had to go to Planned Parenthood to get birth control haha NO I’m not sexually active. I’m on it and been on it for my cramps, shit was no joke. Shit took forever and a half. They asked me if I needed condoms I literally responded “I wish.”

Yoga was a good mental break. And physical. Went to Yogaworks in Weho. Snuck my ass in. Life got me twisted rn. No complaining though. One day at a time.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This track is amazing. FKi 1st is Post Malone’s DJ, who just released an EP. Attended his listening party at the Diamond store on Fairfax last night, super lit. But really, he’s on the rise.


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