The Angry Birds Movie.


I’m in love. Lmao this was the cutest movie. And this Angry Birds statue made out of Lego pieces is even more lit. I hit up my boo who was hating life haha which is usually me. Asked him to see The Angry Birds Movie, luring him in with my bro’s Moviepass haha. PS my bro was on a date and fucking had to pay for a movie cause I accidentally kept it. WOPS. I was legit trippin more than him tho… he dgaf.

10:35pm at The Grove, always poppin on the weekends. The theater was surprisingly full of people, def with kids too haha. We sat in the front. It was an hour and 35 minutes of cuteness. I legit loved it. But then again, I love cartoons. If you guys are completely out of the loop, Angry Birds is a game on your phone haha. I never play games on my phone… but now I kinda wanna see what Angry Birds is like.

The movie was PG but I swear it had so many PG-13 references haha. Like “Pluck my life.” That’s not PG!! And most of you prob won’t see this so it doesn’t count for spoilers haha. I thought the jokes were intelligent haha and it was cute how they incorporated animals into the story. Bottom line, win.

Today was rough. Legit got stuck at the nail salon for 2.5 hours bc they were understaffed and forgot about me. No chill. Pain is beauty yll, jk. Went to yoga, did laundry, lost a sock lmao. WTF. Like how. It’s literally gone and I don’t understand. I went back to check too. Like all inches of the washer and dryer lmao. THE FUH.

Was debating going to The Line to catch homies DJing but my hg bailed so I bailed lmao. I was 0 trippin. The only reason I wanted to go out was cause I just got my nails did lmao. 0 motivation to get dressed.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Post’s DJ is emerging as an artist, and he’s dope af.


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