The Nice Guys.


This movie was a solid 91% that the critics gave. It might even be higher tomorrow when it officially comes out. The Nice Guys at The Grove at 9pm with the bro bro. Advertisements have been everywhere for this. And I was more lit when my girl saw a screening at her work earlier this week. She said she was close to tears that’s how funny it was. Down.

Found the most simply plot summary:

A mismatched pair of private eyes investigate the apparent suicide of a fading porn star in 1970s Los Angeles.

Pretty much Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe kill it. Like actually, every joke was so funny. And it was subtle too. It takes place in Los Angeles, which was dope, recognized most of the spots. It was lit. We really liked the movie. The entire 2 hours was hilarious. No joke.

This dude got mad at me for putting my feet up next to him. It rubbed me the wrong way. It wasn’t even his seat… And then the bitch next to us shushed us. Like no. I had to breathe it out one time. The theater was packed, and people clapped in the end. That’s when you know it was bomb.

We had Ca$his and King Lil G come through DX today for the music meeting. Ca$his worked with Eminem, which gives him automatic street cred. Seriously Em is GOAT haha. King Lil G was mad dope too. He puts on for the Mexicans out here. He mentioned wanting to get into selling coffee which had me cracking up. From dope to expresso beans.

Went to Core Power Yoga in Hollywood at 6pm for Sculpt. Literally the hardest instructor I’ve had for that class. So bomb though. And fucking hard haha. It got me so straight mentally. Physically I feel like I just keep gaining weight. Eating my problems away.

I wanna do nothing this weekend. Bye.

TRACK OF THE DAY: We played this at the music meeting. I fucks with it.



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