Madeintyo x Royce Rizzy


Skrt skrt. Uber fuckin everywhere. Sorry my picture taking skills are literally terrible. This was a $5 show haha at NOVO downtown. Me and my homegirl went…. late af. Literally haha. I took a nap around 8:30pm and was literally dying when I woke up.

We got there a little before 11pm. Such a fail. People were leaving and we were like, wait is the show over? But dude- so sad. A kid had a seizure, and that’s why they wanted to end the show. So scary. I guess he was in the crowd and they stopped the show to help him. A bunch of people left, which they fucked up bc they ended up continuing the show.

“Uber Everywhere” blew up. And hella artists are remixing it. It’s pretty dope. I found out Royce Rizzy and Madeintyo are brothers. Completely missed that one. They brought out their mom on stage. It was the cutest thing. Anyways. These fools are dope. Madeintyo is mad short haha. But I creeped his IG and him and his girl are adorable.

I also don’t understand his name because out loud it’s “Made In Tokyo” but his name says “Tyo.” They play that turnup shit. That dab music. It was lit. Short but lit.

My day was busy. My body hurts. Literally hurt something in my right side trying to do a vinyase flow in yoga. I legit can’t workout now and it kills me. SOS.

I’m so proud of my homegirl tho! She got a call back from her dance audition. Killing it. Let’s get it fam.



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