Young Thug.


But I really came for Lil Yachty though. Lmao. Young Thug at Fonda Theater in Hollywood, the heart of Hollywood. I’ve been trolling this show since I found out about it haha. The last time I saw Thugger was at The Observatory in Santa Ana and it was lit. He’s definitely one of my fav rappers. No doubt.

I got the plug through my girl who does marketing at Goldenvoice, and the working for DX part helped too. It was a sold out show, which makes sense. I swear, Young Thug has made it. He has a huge following, and his music is poppin. It’s not as ignant as some of the other terrible rap too, it’s like… he has his own sound. Idk, I rock with it. And I love Rich Gang.

Turn up city. My homeboy put me on the track “No Hook” by Lil Yachty and Quavo from Migos, and I’ve been hooked every since. No pun intended. His nickname is Lil Boat, I’m sure you can guess why. He’s seriously my favorite right now for no reason. I think I like that auto-tune sound with a beat that just knocks. Smh. Anyways, this fool is from Atlanta. Southern rap is my shit haha. I really think I like his last mixtape better than Drake’s Views, but shhhh.

Then Migos came out. Turn up.

There was an intermission before Thug came out, and it was all Snoop. And like new Snoop too haha. My editor was loving it lmao. Idk I don’t really fuck with new Snoop, but then again, didn’t give it much of a chance. I met up with my old co-worker from Joyrich, we was both rocking it too haha. Good to see him. He’s a trip haha. He copped this dope Slime Season 3 shirt tho. The merch must of been lit, cause he pointed out it was sold out and I told him to cop the one hanging up. Win.


Anyways. Fool came out dressed like mf Prince haha. Can you see the Prince cardboard cutout to the right of the stage? It was there all night. RIP. I really couldn’t get into his outfit tho. Shit was whack af haha and I’m kind of a harsh critic with fashion. Shit, I miss it haha.

We were mad lit. Had to light a J for this set. I legit enjoyed each track he played. He brought out Trinidad James, who I didn’t recognize, Tyga, and Yo Gotti. And yeah. It’s lit haha. We saw a dude on the balcony literally making it rain with bills. And not just once. It was the craziest thing cause he was legit a kid. So confused.

It’s 2:20am and I just got home bc I went to my hg’s after to film her dancing. She had tried out for these auditions earlier, and felt like she coulda done better. They said prove why you want it, so she came up with the brilliant plan of recording the dance they learned and posting it and tagging them. TROPHIES. My fam are winners, enough said.

She’s a perfectionist, so we was there for a minute. Her homeboy came through too, thankfully haha. I had to do some stuff back home, aka now. I respect her grind and passion so much tho. That’s what you need to fully succeed in this world. Really just show up in whatever you do, be passionate, and do what you love.

Today was a BUSY ass day. #Trophies.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Felt like posting this one haha.


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