Fat Joe & Remy Ma


I’m ALL THE WAY UP. *index finger emoji* Fat Joe and Remy Ma at NOVO in dtla. Let’s get it! Shoutout to HipHopDX for that ticket. I got a media pass and was able to take pictures hella close to the stage.

But yo. Fuck that worker haha. The guy patrolling the floor area was 100% a dick. It made sense after tho. I was with my homeboys who snuck down earlier lmao so he was heated. But the entire rest of the night, he was a complete dick. I hate him and I wanna complain about him haha. He says he sees me there all the time too. #creepy.

Anywayyyyyssss. I been eyeing this show since day one haha and so was my homeboy. It was mad lit. They had a hella short set though. It was a show in honor of Big Pun who passed. OG New York rapper, who I don’t know much about. But besides Lean Back and All The Way Up, they played a bunch of OG shit. Including Panda for 10 seconds smh haha.

Remy Ma was lit though! She’s so dope. And they said Papoose (her hubby) was in the back. Fat Joe came out first. He lost hella weight haha he ain’t “fat” no more. But they were super dope live. The show was super crowded, imo. Also, the floor had chairs set up. Some VIP shit, it’s normally just open. My homeboy said shit was $200 lmao. Bye.

BUSY ASS WEEKEND AHEAD. Including dentist at 9am tear. 😥

OH WAIT. My day. We got evicted today. Like what in the actual fuck. 60 days to leave. I legit was in shock. More offended than anything. Our neighbors are whack AF. And I feel bad cause my roomie graduated USC today and legit had to come back to that news. It’s just stressful. I’m pissed though.

Worked all day. Struggled. :/. Old habits coming back and I’m not happy about it. I cleared my head by running in Beverly Hills for an hour. Shit made me feel basic af haha. Everyone so bougie there. Anyways. Hoping I can get my shit together so I can be more productive.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Such a mainstream track sorry but I have work to do and don’t have time to find a better one lmao.


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