Money Monster.


Holy shiiiiii. This movie was BOMB af. And I stopped seeing pointless, meaningless movies (partly bc I lost my Moviepass, and time), so this was extra good haha. Literally, I give it 99% haha. It technically comes out tomorrow so the ratings aren’t officially out, but I seriously recommend you go to the movies this weekend. Mad dope.

I was trolling Flixster and saw it featured George Clooney and Julia Roberts, got good reviews (in terms of people wanting to see it) and it was short: 1.5 hours. I hit up a bunch of people to see who was d and my homeboy was. Shoutout to him haha.

We met up at The Grove at 9:15pm. Packed theater. I started the clapping at the end of the movie doe ha. We came in right as it started. I totes used my bro’s Moviepass lmao. Win. If you like stocks, I recommend this flick.


Financial TV host Lee Gates and his producer Patty are put in an extreme situation when an irate investor takes over their studio.

Basically this kid holds George Clooney hostage with a bomb. No spoilers. I’ll stop there. It was just super suspenseful and interesting. Lots of deep life messages, at least to me haha. It really took you on a ride. I enjoyed it a lot.

Let’s see. Busy ass day. We got to interview RJ at the office, that was dope. I’ve been a fan of him since day one and he just dropped his “OMMIO 3” mixtape. We had him pick his favorites and “30 In The Middle” was first. Banger alert.

Went to Pure Barre Beverly Hills after. Bought a Groupon for 2 weeks. I fucking hate it lmao. Legit sucks compared to Bar Method. Idk, it’s just not as good. It’s hard, don’t get me wrong, but just not the same. You know when a fitness class just doesn’t do it for you… made me sad haha. Meep.

Busy ass weekend ahead. Let’s get it.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Speaking of.


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