The Meddler.


Sooooo this movie was actually super cute, like I’m satisfied. It’s only playing at select theaters, one of those. So of course, The Landmark on Pico. Best theater and home to all the exclusive films haha. I texted my 2 hgs last night actually bc I knew I wanted to see a movie tn. Long ass mf day haha. My NY babe was d.

Awkward. Just got the wrath from one of my best friends for going without her. But I didn’t deserve it I don’t think. Sometimes life just plays out and not everyone gets the better end of the stick. That’s my positive outlook rn haha. Cause I’m annoyed.

We both got out around 7pm and decided last minute to hit the 7:40pm showing. It was a stretch, I literally booked it from Hollywood and went home and showered. Couple minutes late no biggie.

So the reason I was d for this film, a) it got bomb reviews. b) the plot had THE GROVE in it. Lmao. You know I was lit off that.

An aging widow from New York City follows her daughter to Los Angeles in hopes of starting a new life after her husband passes away.

Wait Flixster had a way better plot haha more specific. Aka it said she got an apartment next to The Grove. Legit so many scenes at the fountain, her go-to when she was sad or going through it. I wonder when they filmed it haha cause it’s legit always poppin. The cast in this movie was lit! Rose Bryne from Bridesmaids, who played the daughter.

Susan Sarandon played the mom with the fattest New York accent. They go back to the city, which is where my girl is from. So it def appealed to her haha. She was saying how she wants her mom to see this film. Cute. It also stars Jerrod Carmichael, who I’ve seen do standup live. He legit plays an Apple store dude, the one at The Grove/ I love when comedians act bc you just think of the jokes they’ve done and you laugh. He’s real funny.

The movie was so quirky and random, in the best way. I would say more chick flick/comedy category. The theater was packed and the audience was kinda loud haha. Or some people were. They just react so strongly to some scenes haha. Like, when you guys watch shows on your own, do you laugh out loud? Or nah? Legit question haha.

So the mom is the meddler, who is alllll up in her grown daughter’s business. It was excessive. Although, we both actually cried at one point in the movie lmao. There was just one scene that was too damn heartwarmning. Side note, I have a phobia of getting old. Side note number 2, old people make me sad ha :/.

Day started rough. Forever not sleeping well. I feel bad cause I HAVE to have cold water, so I go in the kitchen in the middle of the night and my bro always wakes up. Or so he says. I’m like damn. I’m sorry :/.

Had an interview for second year placement for school. Even though I’m debating returning in the fall (FACK). I hella liked this agency tho. The dude that interviewed me was super sweet and he actually got his Master’s at USC for Social Work. It’s so crazy… it’s like. Where am I gonna be in 5 years? Am I gonna finish? I don’t wanna pay for it. But I started it. Smh. So many factors and so much on the table. I can’t.

Worked all day. Had a music meeting at DX. Every week they bring in an artist and they drink and chill and just vibe. It’s mad dope. We had Tommy Swisher from Atlanta this week. He that ratchet turn up music. Which I usually love smh.

Side note, Kodak Black and Lil Uzi Vert are going on tour and I’m so lit ha. Love them both so much. June 9th Regent Theater who’s coming with me?

Went to Core Power Yoga for Sculpt at 6pm in Hollywood. Shit keeps me so grounded I cannot imagine surviving without it.

Andddd I got work to do. Muahs.

TRACK OF THE DAY: If you ain’t know, get to know.


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