Work work work work work work. JK. I hate that song lmao. RIHANNA!!!! Bad girl rih rih. Literally, Rihanna is life. And Rihanna > Beyonce all day. This is her Anti World Tour. First Los Angeles stop. Sold out show at The Forum in Inglewood. Me and my girl got tickets literally when they went on sale haha I think last year. She’s there tomorrow too if y’ll trynta make it.

Legit snuck down per usual. We only got kicked out once haha. But it was dramatic af. This white dude literally came at us and was like “THESE ARE NOT YOUR SEATS.” We literally just moved one section over haha. I love the view right to the side of the stage. Way better than floor seats in my opinion cause you’re elevated and you can see everything.

O.M.G. My antibiotics literally make me feel like ish :(. Seriously it feels like I have acid reflex. I’m dying. Anyways. I barely got back from the show. It was seriously so magical. Rihanna is soooo beautiful. I went with my PIC and we was lit. We definitely missed Travis Scott tho. He came on at like 8pm. I called for set times earlier and they said Rih would be on at 9pm.

Lies, she didn’t come on til like 9:40pm. And played until a little after 11pm. She performed all her hits, and hg has endless hits. Legit loved every single one. She is so beautiful. And just…. trill. Okay I need to stop haha. She played a lot from her last album ANTI, so if you’re a fan of that, you’ll love the show.

IMG_0455I’m excited for my babes to see her in the bay haha. Clearly, I’m lit off the show haha. 100% sober halla. The crowd was so diverse haha. Youngins, lots of older people, gay guys, etc. Everyone busted out the flashlight on their phones when she sang “shine bright like a diamond.” Magical.

Day was busy af. Had to check up on the dentist and hit the psychiatrist one time. Hit Hot Power Fusion at Core Power Yoga on Wilshire. Legit been sneaking in but yo, no one checks haha. Almost fell asleep before the show but I finally got excited once I started driving.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage?


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