De La Soul.


I really wanna name this post The Grouch & Eligh, but most of y’ll prolly dunno who they are haha. Well, I guess if you dunno them, you prob dunno De La Soul either. Whatever haha. This some OG rappers, like the artists people go to Rock The Bells for. Rhymefest LA at Belasco Theater in downtown LA.

I actually wanted to hit this show up, and then my girl miraculously had her bday here the same exact night haha. Her man is the ultimate plug at this venue, and rented out the VIP room for her birthday. Super lit. They had a sign posted outside and we just walked right in, didn’t even check ID.

I went with my good homegirl who convinced me to step out tn. I legit had a terrible day 😦 and hit a new low. I was ready to text and say I wouldn’t make it, but I’m so glad I decided to go. My insomnia was unbearable last night, and it just ruined my entire day. My depression got so bad, to the point where I was even worried for myself. That’s bad.

I’m not even kidding, Core Power Yoga saved me. Their sculpt class is hard af and you literally sweat like a dog. It was exactly what I needed. I’ve also been super bloated lately, idk if it’s cause of my meds or my extremely unhealthy sugar intake, but yeah. I’ve been feeling like a balloon. I’m starting to embrace my weight gain though. I have to. And I don’t work out for the physical part of it. 100% for the mental. My brain is a lost cause.

I went to Ktown before downtown so my girl could put concealer on my bruised up face and so I could play with her dog haha. I need a pet damnit. Seriously, I would be so much happier if I had a companion. Unfortunately, I know myself, and I’m not responsible enough. Yet. One day.

We mobbed to Belasco around 11pm. The VIP room was literally a room next to the actual concert. We socialized for a hot sec, but I love The Grouch & Eligh so we were able to sneak in to the venue. I felt bad. Rhymefest LA is losing steam haha fast. It’s supposed to be this annual hip hop event, but that shit just ain’t selling haha. Like…. idk. They shouldn’t charge so much. Legit feel like way more people would show up.

The crowd was extremely diverse and… yeah haha. A much more older crowd, and semi unattractive haha sorry had to say it. We just kept to ourselves haha. But we got up right to the front to see their set. They white, and they hot. Tatted up. Yes please. Their music got me through a lot growing up. Just that real hip hop that ain’t ignant. It was dope to see them live again.


No one gave af about De La Soul at the birthday function lmao. It was funny. They’re a hip hop trio from New Yawk. My girl from HipHopDX actually interviewed them today, I thought that was dope. She went to their hotel room lmao. I didn’t get to see much of their set but they was lit. They pulled the whole put your cell phones away shit. It’s true, but kinda annoying haha. Like we know you on your phones too okay. It’s hard to not in this day in age.

I had a fun night. My bro and his squad came thru. They were all faded tho haha MEH. I love my bro but not really when he’s drunk. *eye rolling emoji* They’re officially moving to Lil Tokyo and it’s just so crazy haha. To have him finally be in LA. Timeout. Their prospective apt is $2900 for a 2 bedroom. BYE. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Unless you’re a baller like them haha.

My mouth hurts like a bitch. The sutures actually fell out in my mouth tn. The fuh. I called my dentist earlier today too bc the bruising and pain was so bad. She said it was normal and to call her if it keeps bleeding. Cool.

I’m still tripping off today. I went from like negative to 100. Not 100, but I was real damn low. It’s just so scary how quick my depression can come back and ruin all my progress. I actually got real angry with God today. It was selfish and I should know better than to ever blame Him.

It’s officially May and I need to figure my shit out stat. Prayers greatly appreciated. And I always forget to say. I’ll return the favor. I love listening and being there for others. Shoutout to my fam who is there for me. Appreciate love and care always, esp people who dunno you that well. It means a lot. <3.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Fucking love this track. So lit.


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