Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day was super cute! Mostly bc Jennifer Aniston though. She’s literally bae. How does she look so damn good. Fr. How. Haha. I love her. And Kate Hudson. This is one of those movies with the most lit cast, like everyone famous haha. Like Valentine’s Day. It was about 2 hours long. But I really enjoyed it. I love chick flicks haha.

Went to the 8:20pm showing at The Grove with my homegirl. I just found out she’s moving back home after she graduates and I’m sad! And jealous haha. I was late per usual 😦 haha. Made it for some of the previews though haha. The movie was obviously in light of Mother’s Day. Which is May 8th I found out! Get your mama something. I have 0 relationship with mine, but I always get her something. I have to.

My mouth is bruised yo. And swollen. It’s so bad. I had no idea my dental procedure would go this haywire. It’s fr noticable and I shouldn’t be in public. Sigh. Anyways. Had my last day of class today. I missed the first one 😦 sad. There was so much food in the second class haha. Shoutout USC, I think last day of classes mean everyone bring food and get fat. I wasn’t hungry but I def copped a ton of 3 Musketeers. I used to hella eat that shit in high school, like every break I would get one from the vending machine and eat the milk chocolate off the outside. Smh haha. I would get like 2 or 3. But my homegirl would eat the inside LMAO. In class. It was some soulmate shit. Aw, I miss my high school homies. Damn. Shit was so long ago.

I ran to Drake’s Views and it’s legit so long haha 20 tracks. Was sad I couldn’t get through it all but I love the tracks with DVSN and PND. Best features haha. Besides that, the world needs to calm down. I know Drake’s GOAT but it’s like that Beyonce shit. Everyone needs to shut up haha. Forever hating.

Life is crayyyyy. So cray. Cray.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Drizzy’s album isn’t on Youtube so here’s another PND collab. Luh.


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