Krush Groove 2016.


I like the way you do it right thurr right thurr. CHINGY in the building. Me and my baby mama legit were d for this show bc he was on the lineup. One Call Away was my shit in hs, straight up. AND HE DIDN’T FUCKING PLAY IT. So sad. Holidae In hit the spot tho. What ever happened to that fool haha. I def had his Jackpot album.

93.5 KDAY’s Krush Groove concert for 2016. This is like the old school hip hop radio station in LA. Hence the lineup: Snoop Dogg, Mack 10, Warren G, Too Short, Glasses Malone. Def an OG lineup, plus Chingy haha. It was at The Forum in Inglewood, which is a dope venue for a big show. We snuck down to like, right next to the stage, of course. Shit was mad not sold out tho haha. Hella empty seats up top.

I asked my friend who DJs for KDAY for the set times. Halla we arrived when Chingy was on, a little before 8pm. He was actually on the turntables all night on stage which was lit. He joked to take a pic of him on stage but I failed with my iPhone 6 haha. I’m legit terrible at phone pics.

YO THIS CROWD THO. Lmao. I can’t. I never like to use ratchet seriously, but, twas ratch haha. And just such an older crowd, like OG artists def got OG fans. They were honestly kinda scary. Like everyone was all over the place and it was just a mess. Me and my hg were so glad we could sit and just people watch haha.


Too Short was the only other dude on the lineup we really cared for haha. I’ve seen him too many times to count, but I was d today. He played Gangstas and Strippas. Yasssss haha. He rocked a black and white Oakland A’s bomber jacket. So Bay Area I love it. Shit def got ratchet during his set.

We left after Warren G’s set, which was def the OG of the OG’s haha. He was trill for sure. We forgot a lighter and kept having to ask the people in front of us. They were mad buggin. Just so turnt lmao. Like too turnt, yenno?

Sorry Snoop, catch ya next time. Today started off real rough again. Snuck into LA Fitness tho to clear my head. Felt good but it was hard haha. Then my bro came through. He’s crashing in my living room for a month lmao. So hilarious but I love it. Never thought we’d be roomies. I’m about to be the most annoying sister tho lmao. Yikes.

This is my last week of school and I cannot wait to be done. CANNOT WAIT. Oh shoutout to my hg for driving tn. She said I always drive and legit it was so nice not driving tn haha.

TRACK OF THE DAY: For old time’s sake.


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