First off, shoutout to The Game for hosting. AKA getting up there for less than 5 min to introduce the film lmao. Keanu screening at TCL Chinese Theaters in Hollywood. You already know it’s lit. Also, it’s 4/20, a national holiday. Judge me if you want. Dgaf haha. Game said he was high af too. Hilarious.

Lemme talk about the movie first, before how crazy life is haha. It’s legit about a cat, a very fucking cute cat haha named Keanu. I was doing media coverage and legit had to say it out loud a couple times cause I could not pronounce it haha. No, it is nothing to do with Keanu Reeves from The Matrix haha. At least I don’t think..

0It stars Key and Peele. So you already know what this movie gon be like haha. Legit a comedy, dumb af. But yo, my type of humor. Fasheez haha. Theater was lit too. I know Game was laughing haha. This was thrown by All Def Digital, who usually throws the most lit comedy show every Wednesday night. With Russell Simmons. This was the perfect choice for the screening haha.

Honestly, a gangster cat. Can’t get any better than that right? Ha the movie was a little over an hour and a half. If you’re a fan of Key and Peele, you’ll def enjoy this. Def loved their teacher or classroom skit or whatever. Got to see it with DX team, it was lit. My other homeboy who does comedy was actually there too, who saved me a seat. I felt bad haha.

Shoutout to HipHopDX, I got to cover the red carpet tn. The only dope person that came through was The Game tho haha. I fucking love his face tattoos haha. I was more excited to hang with the homegirl doing video. She brought her bf and he was super dope. My other girl pretty much owns the bar too so she was hooking up all my friends with drinks. So lit. She kept wanting to give me alch I was like I don’t drink smh haha.

It’s just crazy how life works. If I hadn’t just lost my job, I wouldn’t have been able to do this gig. Legit worked Wednesday nights and woulda turned it down. Legit the thought of that makes me sad haha.

My day started out pretty rough. I went to this TRX class at Yogaworks in Ktown tho, that shit was so hard! TRX is like… fitness utilizing resistance with like bands and shit. My body felt like jello after haha I needed that. Napped. Hella traffic on the way to Hollywood. Had to light one.

TRACK OF THE DAY: I actually don’t Uber everywhere, but this song is lit.


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