So this pic is total false advertising haha. Ryan Reynolds is legit in the movie for like 10 min. No spoiler alert. But mayne I thought he was so hot in Deadpool. That thought remains lmao. Anywho. Criminal featuring Kevin Kostner. This shit was crayyyyyy. I thought it was dope. V interesting.

7:55pm showing at AMC Century City 15. I actually went with one of my homeboys from UCSB I hadn’t seen in forever. So good to see him!! He’s amazing. Apparently, alumni weekend is coming up, but I don’t think I’m considered an alum since I transferred haha. I would love to go back tho. SB is so damn beautiful.

I showed up late per usual. We spent the previews catching up haha. So the plot of this movie is kinda crazy. Premuch this doctor worked 18 years on this one project, being able to duplicate someone’s brain into another body. Such a breach of ethics to the dude who gets the new brain, but it’s v interesting. It’s all tied into a mission with the CIA and what not. Pretty much your average action movie but there’s a crazy plot twist at the end. Which is always appreciated haha. Solid 2 hours.

I’d def choose Jungle Book and Barbershop over this one, but I’d def see this at some point. Today was okay. It was hot af haha. I had to present in class and I legit wasn’t prepared. I was one of two people who read from notes smh. I don’t really get nervous but I realize I sway back and forth… like a lot haha. And I say um a lot. Went to yoga in weho with my fav instructor. Super sad my trial is ending haha.

Don’t forget, it’s a holiday tmrw. Lmao. I’m that person.

TRACK OF THE DAY: New Uzi. Shoutout Philly.


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