The Jungle Book.


The Jungle Book was so lit!!! Fr Disney ftw. It’s based on the childhood movie, or book, that I never saw. Legit grew up under a rock. Tbh hadn’t even heard of it until this movie haha smh. People were hyping it up like cray, which of course made me wanna see it even more. All bad haha. It legit got like 95% tho. Accurate.

7:30pm showing at The Grove with my homegirl <3. Haven’t seen her in a minute. Right off the bat we thought the movie was adorable. First off, we were in the big theater, #1. It’s huge haha. It was pretty crowded. There was this dude behind us who was laughing so hard, it was cute. I love when people are into it haha.

The animals were SO lit and so cute. You can drop hella dough and see this movie in 3D and/or IMAX. But then you’re looking at like a $20 ticket haha. This sufficed. The scenery was really beautiful too. The kid was an amazing actor. He deserves an Oscar haha. Pretty much, he’s the only one in the jungle, and was raised by wolves. Gnarly.

So this is like the real life version of the classic movie. Bill Murray was the voice of the bear, which was fucking adorable haha. It was about an hour and half and it’s PG. If you got a kid to go with, bring them!! Def some feel good ish.

Day was so ridiculously long. I was beat. I legit passed out in my car and it was blazing hot. So my AC was all the way up. Is that bad for my lungs?? Whatever. Went to Yogaworks in Ktown after my internship. I didn’t like it haha. Wah. It makes such a difference when you have a dope instructor.

Solid weekend. Got to see my best friend from home, twice! But, I recently lost my job. So I’m def kinda hurting. They said they needed someone full time. Such bs. I’d like to think that’s the only reason… cause I was committed. I hate job hunting. It’s such an uneasy feeling. Trynta keep my head up. Everything happens for a reason right?



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