Barbershop: The Next Cut


Barbershop: The Next Cut. Aka number 3. Aka haven’t seen the first 2… or at least I can’t rem if I did. But omg!!!! I loved this movie haha from beginning to end. Fr I really really enjoyed it haha. It got 92% too. Shoutout to Ice Cube, he’s a boss fr. This movie was not only hilarious, but it had a real dope message. It was promoting non violence and takes place in Chicago where there’s still gang-banging and shit. It’s so sad.

8:05pm showing at The Grove. I went with my 2 hgs, they loved it as well. We were busting up throughout the whole film. You don’t have to see the first two at all to see this. But yeah, Tyga played the leader of a gang and had fucking long hair tied up in a bun. It was comedy but yo he did pretty good acting haha.

The movie is about 2 hours but you don’t even notice. Fr I didn’t even check my phone. Minus when my BC alarm went off lmao. Yooooo Nicki Minaj is so damn thick haha. She played a pretty important role. I rem her last appearance on the big screen was like one scene long lmao. Fr tho her body is insane haha.

The entire movie pretty much takes place in a barbershop. It needs to exist IRL. It would pop off haha.

Omg the wind is going crazy in LA rn. It needs to calm down haha. Sounds like the world is ending. Anyways. I’m in a good mood cause I really liked the movie lmao. Common was kinda hot in it too lmao. And the black dude from New Girl was HILARIOUS. Lemme find his name… too much work I can’t. He’s outshone by the OG’s in the movie lmao. Eve looked bomb too. Just go see it guys haha.

My day started off kinda rough. My client was a no show and I drove all the way to Echo Park Lake. And then was just tired all day idk. Internship was slow and I drove all the way home on my lunch for a book. Weak. Went to Yogaworks after in Weho and it was hard af. This instructor, her name is Andrea, please take her class. She’s legit so good. It made me sweat balls haha. Almost fell asleep in the shower after doe haha. So beat.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Homeboy just laced me with this new track!


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