Mya & Ginuwine.


Let’s be real. 90’s R&B rules all. Fuck this generation haha shit was way better back then. Mya and Ginuwine at Novo downtown. Yes please. One of my trillest hgs asked me days ago. Also haven’t been able to see her in a minute so I was excited. Feel bad so busy. This month only tho. PS she’s the one who left me for Brazil haha.

Any concert we go to togeth, you know it’s lit. Literally. Live for her bleezies haha. She came over and we rolled to downtown LA. My secret parking spot is LA Live. Even when they block it off and say Passes Only. Just zoom lmao. We pulled up around 9:30pm, left around midnight, and it was only $5!! Say whaaaaat haha. I cheered.

Mya had been on for like 10 min when we walked in. My girl was tripping I was like it’s fine lmao. We got a lot more of them. Mya was amazing, and BIG HAIR DON’T CARE. Her hair was literally out to a foot radius ha afro style. Wish I had some mf big hair haha. She wore a bra with just blazer over. She literally sounded flawless, just like she did in all her songs. My Love Is Like… Whoa.

There was a little intermission before Ginuwine blessed the stage. So my hg peed, I got water, and we took a pic lmao. Y’ll prob think I’m a picture whore. But mayne I just wanna remember the night with my friend. Thas all.


I forgot what Elgin looked like haha but then remembered. He came out in all white with a swag blazer. Literally this guy haha. So many mf hits. It was so sad cause at first his mic hella wasn’t working. It was embarrassing cause he had 0 idea. He had 2 back up dancers that legit… backed him up haha. Anyways, he was so lit. Until he dropped Turn Down For What lmao I was like nooooo. That song hurts my ears. Novo was beyond lit tho.The crowd was so diverse. A lotta older bitches reciting every word of his tracks. So cray haha but amazing at the same time.

Pretty sure this show was sold out. Ran into an old friend on the way out, it was magical. I’m less stressed. Lit.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Everything.


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