Ahhhhh I’m so in love with Ellie Goulding. Shoutout to this 30 year old English angel haha. She literally is so talented and has the most amazing voice. This is her Delirium World Tour in light of her last album. Me and my hg got tickets when they first went on sale. Stan. Staples Center leggo.

So we were supposed to be in nosebleeds, but naaaaaa. You know I snuck our asses down. We legit were in the lowers like minimum they had to be over a bill seats haha. I was so with it. We had the most perfect view. I was also looking at the floor and how everyone was standing… like that sucks. You’re paying hella scrilla and you can’t even sit haha.


Homegirl is so talented. And she plays the drums and guitar and just everything was magical haha. Pretty sure it was a sold out show… We only had to move once from the seats we did not pay for haha. Yo the crowd was so damn diverse. Legit like families, older adults, younger adults, KIDS, gay guys, and a bunch of dudes who knew all the words to her song. It was honestly beautiful. I loved it.

I saw Ellie at Outside Lands in SF legit like 5 years ago. And she was on the small stage. One of the first openers. Talk about the come up. She said the f word once and I was like omg the kids. But damn I swear too. I actually swore when I was praying today and was traumatized :/. I had a really rough day and it just came out. Smh. I went off on my brother too because of something I legit feel like he fucked up on. Ah. I’ll let it go. I can’t lose my temper 😦 it’s seriously so toxic.

Anyways back to the show. I actually didn’t cop her album but she has so many hits. Lights was seriously so amazing live. That’s one of my favorite songs for sure. She came on at 9:30pm and played til 11:15pm. She claimed she was about to play her last song which was Burn, and made everyone in the crowd take out their phones. Staples was lit. AND THEN, she made everyone put it in their pockets. Lmao. Love it. She told everyone to put their hands in the air.

We were about to head out and then this kid stopped us saying she had 3 more songs. So clutch bc I was wondering why she didn’t play Love Me Like You Do. Turns out there’s a set list on Wikipedia LMAO. This kid was so smart haha. She ended with that and Anything Can Happen. Magical.

Okay so I legit failed at life today. But I hit Yogaworks in SM to get my mind right. Only to be hit with an hour traffic on the way home. Note to self. Never go to the west side on Friday. Fr. It hurt.

Work in the AM. Muahs.



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